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  1. Yves Halliburton

    Air travel with firearems

    Last January an engraver asked me how much is cost me to bring all the guns I had to the FEGA show. 2 Rifles, 6 Pistols, and other firearms stuff. My answer was $0.00 dollars. As you can wonder he was in disbelief. I re-affirmed no, it is true. To a certain degree he was correct it did not...
  2. Yves Halliburton

    Transfer printer settings

    removing the color cartridge and setting only black ink used in the setting has solved the issue. Thanks everyone.
  3. Yves Halliburton

    Transfer printer settings

    Thanks Mr. B. See you in Vegas.
  4. Yves Halliburton

    Transfer printer settings

    I use the Tom White Transfer method, but I seem to be having some issues with the printer "I believe". I am getting a HALO image of color on my print outs around the lettering type and it is not highly detailed. I use Illustrator for all my type and import images and drawings into illustarator...

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