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  1. Yves Halliburton

    Air travel with firearems

    Last January an engraver asked me how much is cost me to bring all the guns I had to the FEGA show. 2 Rifles, 6 Pistols, and other firearms stuff. My answer was $0.00 dollars. As you can wonder he was in disbelief. I re-affirmed no, it is true. To a certain degree he was correct it did not...
  2. Yves Halliburton

    Transfer printer settings

    I use the Tom White Transfer method, but I seem to be having some issues with the printer "I believe". I am getting a HALO image of color on my print outs around the lettering type and it is not highly detailed. I use Illustrator for all my type and import images and drawings into illustarator...

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