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  1. Sebastian duran

    How do I get enough privileges

    Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I have ball vise and a hand pieceI want to sell but apparently I don’t have enough privileges. How do I receive the privileges?
  2. Sebastian duran

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Hello everyone! Is there anyone here that can point me out to a master hand engraver in Atlanta Georgia that would be willing to teach in person?
  3. Sebastian duran

    Legal documents

    Hello everyone! Quick question. What legal documents do you send your client when they send you their jewlery to be engraved? I recently received a messsge on instagram from a client wanting me to engrave a couple of her rings. She doesn’t live close to me so she has mail the rings to me. This...
  4. Sebastian duran

    Left handed

    Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions about engraving letters. I’m a lefty and according Sams videos on lettering, he does the bright cuts letters with the left side of the flat. obviously becouse he’s a righty. So do I have to cut them backwards? and what do you guys do so your hand...
  5. Sebastian duran

    Engraving 925 silver and other metals

    Hey everyone, I’ve recently started engraving silver signet rings and yellow gold rings and I’ve noticed that i been getting some heel drag and the material feels really hard. I originally had a 45 degree face and fairly short heel on my 120, 105 and on my flat graver, I had a 45 face , with...
  6. Sebastian duran

    How much to charge?

    Hello everyone, My name is Sebastian and I’m a bench Jewler. I came across a job that required some engraving and that led into the rabbit hole of hand engraving. I fell in love with this art and I wanted to learn more so I went into the internet and found Sams training videos. It’s only been...

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