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    Question: Tom White's Transfer Magic White Base solution

    Has anyone tried Tom White's Transfer Magic White Base solution? I've read a number of posts by people who use the Original Clear solution, but am interested in anyone's experience with the White Base. If it works as...
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    Question: AmScope 6 Watt LED Dual Gooseneck Lights

    I've been using the 22-watt fluorescent light in my magnifying lamp to illuminate my practice plate mounted in a vise. I don't look through magnifying lens, but instead use an Optivisor for magnification. My shop also has 4-foot LED ceiling lights. Still I need more direct lighting on the...
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    Question: How far do you look ahead when cutting straight lines

    I've read elsewhere on this forum where it is advised to look ahead and not directly at the burr when cutting straight lines. How far ahead do you generally look? Are we talking about a millimeter, two millimeters, more? Do you shift your focus between the point where the burr is lifting and...
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    Cleaning up metal chips on floor

    I found that the "Frankford Arsenal Stainless Steel Media Transfer Magnet" is great for picking up the metal burrs that end up on the floor. For those not familiar with this tool, it is used with a wet tumbler and stainless steel pins to clean empty ammo casings before reusing them. Other...
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    Pocket microscope for inspecting gravers

    Roger Bleile posted back in 2007, "In the absence of a microscope, the best thing I have found for inspecting the graver point is this pocket microscope..." Based on that, I...
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    Question: Super gluing practice plate to jeweler's steel bench block

    Hi folks, I am a beginner starting out with Sam's Old School Hamer & Chisel video lessons, in which he super glues the practice plate to a steel jeweler's bench block and then locks it in the vise. I am guessing he uses the liquid version rather than the gel version or does it matter? Also...

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