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    Engraving brass after practicing on steel

    The dub discourage diving.
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    Engraving brass after practicing on steel

    I worked as a machinist for a few years. We would typically put a " dub" (a small tiny steep edge on our cutting tool edges ) to encourage chip curl and break on softer metals.
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    Question: Andu Engraver

    The one thing about the Chinese knock offs that most people don't talk about is the tariff you must pay on top of the cost of the GRS knock-offs. The tariff request comes from US Customs after the engraver is already in your hands. (Those tariffs were put in place to protect the US...
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    Help, please: Help! New Hermes ITF-k pantograph

    The price depends upon how many, and what type of fonts are available with it. The fonts are what will frequently set you back. My father and I had a New Hermes diamond stylus engraver, and it worked rather well for engraving names onto the heat-treated blade.
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    Some colorful basketweave in titanium...

    What did you use to patinate/color the titanium?
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    Question: Andu Engraver

    On Patents: I work in Engineering for a living. Often someone will say "I have this idea for a product, but don't know where to start". Often "similar" products do exist (similar as the Patent office defines things). The important thing will be to show how the new product does things in a...
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    Pledge Member

    Click on your name next to the envelope and bell icon in the upper right quarter of the screen. Then, select the "account upgrades". Follow instructions from there. Don't feel bad, I had to look to find it.
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    Upgrade my current hone or go for GRS?

    All of you are so far ahead of me. I still use a drill press, with a custom made mandrel to hold the spinning disk. Some day, my engraving may be worthy of a better sharpening fixture. Originally, I was using a cut-down half inch bolt in the chuck to hold the disk, but it had too much...
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    Some practice scrollwork...

    Chuckle, looks GREAT to me. I am about 45 levels behind that kind of effort right now.
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    Compressor recommendations

    Don't rule out the Badger Millionaire. They were originally made for the Airbrush market, but use a nearly silent refrigerator compressor. As a general rule, if it will run an airbrush (which is air-hungry), it will run a graver too. They show up on eBay all the time. Air Brush dudes tend...

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