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    Practice dial for uocoming custom watch build.

    This dial is fine silver and not finished yet. It's my first elephant, and still learning bulino engraving. Trying out some different cuts to see what works best for me. The plan is to make another for my customer with a platinum dial with rose and yellow gold inlays and gold watxh case. Any...
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    Gold and platinum tiger watch finally finished

    Tis was probably the most fun I've had on a project in a long time. I learned alot using the lathe and I think I'll be playing with the Smithy mill/lathe combo a lot more very soon. Everything accept the watch movement and crystal installation was done in house at Greenlake Jewelry Works...
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    Platinum, 24k, 14krose gold watch dial

    Getting close to finished with the dial for a custom watch we are making. Next I'll add some fir and more shading. The inlay was achieved by melting 1st the 24k into carved/recessed areas, and then melted the 14k rose gold.
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    Practice plate for watch dial

    Im so excited for this project. I'm We are making a custom watch. Here is a practice plate for the dial in copper with CZ's set in the eyes

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