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  1. Goldjockey

    What's your favorite 1911 to engrave?

    Currently working a pattern for a 5" Springfield Armory 1911, and finding the factory logos and text on the slide a bit inconvenient and disruptive for good design flow. I'll make it work, but would like to work with something that provides a better all around blank canvas for the next project...
  2. Goldjockey

    Stuff we listen to while we're engraving.

    I love to have the shop filled up with music while I'm working. My tastes are eclectic, and I'm constantly going on YouTube journeys into different types of folk music. Recently, on one of these journeys, I discovered Otava Yo, and fell in love with the music.
  3. Goldjockey

    Need A Better Microscope!!!

    My current set up is a Meiji EMZ5 on an old Acrobat stand. It works, but I find myself constantly adjusting focus and zoom to stay precisely on target and within depth of field/focus. Not casting shade on the Meiji, but getting tired of reaching up to focus within an extremely limited depth of...
  4. Goldjockey

    Arabesque Belt Buckle Rendering

    This is a belt buckle rendering I completed after taking Sam's iPad drawing Class. Comments, suggestions, critique welcomed! Copyright 2021, M. M. Rogers, 1st Publication.
  5. Goldjockey

    Junair Air Compressor help

    I've got an old Junair 25L, model number 1452000. Had it since 2006. Moved it recently and heard water sloshing around in the air tank. There's a large drain plug on the very bottom, but I don't think it's been off since the compressor went into service when it was brand new. The compressor...
  6. Goldjockey

    Brother where art thou?

    A couple of years ago (nearly) I came back to my workshop with a GRS basic engraving course under my belt. Upon returning home, I was determined to put my new skills to work. There was hitch though... I found out that my Brother printer/copier/ fax pretty much refused to deliver transfers the...
  7. Goldjockey

    Rules for social distancing and virus survival, maybe....

    The Rules:
  8. Goldjockey

    Lone Star Money Clip Rendering

    Just finished. Rendering for a gentleman's sterling and 14k money clip. Outline scroll was drawn in Autodesk Sketchbook, and imported into Procreate for shading and finish work. Most of the work was done on flights to and from New Orleans last week. Scrolls to be done as appliqués around the...
  9. Goldjockey

    Note from a 6 year old - HUMOR

    When I saw this, I thought I'd split my sides laughing! This is too good not to share :)
  10. Goldjockey

    Just Finished Sam’s Intensive IPad Design and Engraving Class

    A quick shoutout and big ”Thank You!” to Sam, and my classmates at Sam’s most recent IPad Design class. The instruction was top notch, the crew was great, we had a lot of fun, and every day felt like a breakthrough.

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