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    not a birthmark ! he's the ceo of the target chain
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    A working Brother printer transfer method

    the "sandwich paper" we have around here would likely set the printer on fire !
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    Progress Pic Zebra in Preparation for Etching

    when your etch is deep enough, do you fill with enamel for firing ? or do you use it as the final design element ? either way, the stuff can be really neat looking.
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    Saltwater Etching Instructions

    be advized-- the process will release chlorine gas. very bad for yer lungs ! i forgot to mention ferric chloride. works good, re useable, not too xpensive. caswell plating sells the stuff.
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    Progress Pic Zebra in Preparation for Etching

    what resist is that?
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    el cheapo on the dinero
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    i have about ten pounds of blades i have made quite a bit shorter than they were designed to be. you know, dull !
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    Belt Buckle Someone Posted

    i agree long as the quality is there,as long as somebody likes the design, who cares if it's not the "every day stuff".
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    Stolen Lindsay PalmControl handpiece. Seller in here..

    276, tyvm for sharing this. i hope the anal sphincter gets caught !
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    Stolen Lindsay PalmControl handpiece. Seller in here..

    some apples can be rotten on the inside and red and shiney on the surface.
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    UK newbie

    absolutely they do. the grs tools are much more adjustable in the stroke and power settings. if you have the funds, by all means the grs tools are far better and much more convenient to use no matter your skill level. later on if you decide to leave the art, the resale value is something to...
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    Close Encounters

    cool to the max
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    Belt Buckle Someone Posted

    some time ago a young lady joined the forum. she departed rather quickly. her theory was that engraving was too cut and dry. not enough new creativity. there's plenty of "new ideas" in anbody's mind. this buckle proves that all one has to do is let it out !
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    UK newbie

    two ways. grs, pricey but a very good bang for yer buck. for under 50 bucks u can make yer own. not cool to look at, but they do work. dial shawn hughes on the google bar.
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    UK newbie

    welcome to the madhouse. here's hoping you find this forum helpful.
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    Colt 41 Caliber Derringer

    sweet lookin to my old eyes.
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    Cutting on concave surfaces

    learning how to heat, bend to required shape, and the final annealing of gravers can be well worth the effort. y.doing such is really quite easy
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    Resting Deer Photo

    just very nice to look at. kind of calming to my eye.
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    Malcolm Appleby Studio Visit Pieces

    exceptional work. it's a treat to see work that is "outside the box" ! tyvm for sharing this.
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    Engraving brass after practicing on steel

    too deep can result from an oversized heel along with the power input to yer handpiece.. lotsa power, you can go way too deep. i suggest that you begin searching the tip section on graver angles. how do you sharpen ? your chosen angles should be repeatable each time you do a touchup. a lack of...

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