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    does anybody know

    This was in the comments under the video from John S IV: "it’s a #5 onglette cmax flipped upside down and then shaped by hand. If you try, using the blue diamond wheel will help you touch up the graver easier than just the grey shaping wheel." Also I think Keiji Kanagawa was the original...
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    An Excellent Air compressor.

    Makita is 58dB which is honestly very loud! You wouldn't want to sit next to it I think. Silentaire oilless are 62dB and above. Painfully loud. The most silent compressors are oiled and are between 30db and 42dB...
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    a little help would be appreciated...

    What about talking to a jewelry-store in a mall. And sitting there for a day and engraving pendants and other items for the customers as a special promotion. You happy, jeweler happy and customers happy. And no investment. If you find a buyer before you make something. Then you dont have to...
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    Gold solder flow issue

    For next time. You can also put the solder on the big sheet and heat from the top. On the solder. Then when the solder has flown on the big sheet. Then you place the small part and heat again. Or keep heating and add the small part. But then you need steady hands.
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    Homemade graver from repurposed V chisel

    What kind of graver shape are you wanting to make? 90degree or round or something else? If you cant get it to cut right your sharpening needs work. Have you made a small heel?
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    Cordless Mini Hone

    HA I have made something very similar. I have the same shape centers/pilars. But I have them in 2 rows. And have the back plate slightly angled. Then I used special double sided tape to stick em to by bench's backboard.
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    Greetings from Croatia

    What you can do, if you have enough thickness. Is to drill out the brass part of your template to 2,3mm or bigger. It will still work for smaller diameter if you have made a flat part where the locking screw will clamp. That way you will always orient the graver in the template the same way. If...
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    handpiece info

    It kinda looks like a GRS handpiece for older machines. A colleague of mine owns one of those older GRS machines and the handpiece looks a lot like your picture. It is : GRS 801 QC Handpiece - Item # 004-801 Here is the manual:
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    Question: Hoping to mine some ideas for a graver carrying case!

    You can also design one in 3d Cad and then have it 3d printed. That way you can make it anyway you like.
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    Greetings from Croatia

    Don't buy the knockoff/fakes. They have troubles that will ruin the fun. Better to start handpush engraving. And save your money. Or make your own pneumatic graver. As for buying tools. There must be a jewelry supply company in Croatia. You have...
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    Engraving Transfer Technique

    Very well made video. Thank you!
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    special adaptor

    Careful when soldering. You don't want to ruin your graver hardness. Or you will have to harden and anneal them again after soldering.
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    Head Stand.

    I dont do much engraving. Mostly diamond/stone-setting. And I dont use a head-stand, because I dont have one. And I wouldn't want one. It will make your neck muscles weak/lazy.
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    The 2021 SCI Auction Rifle-Pistol Project

    Stunning work guys. Absolutely amazing.
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    GRS yellow wheel Vs Edenta?

    I was under the assumption that the GRS wheels are Edenta wheels. But I might be wrong. I have the Edenta wheels. They hold up nice. I cant detect any real wear. Other then the damage made by my user error. Like holding the graver wrong and it cuts in to the wheel. But wear wise they (Edenta...
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    Help, please: Transfer wax alternative

    I am a jeweler so I can buy all I want everywhere I want. Only limit is my small budget :) I mostly buy from:, Bijou has the most GRS stuff since they are the official reseller in NL. Just tell them you are a student then you...
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    Depression/ cracks in ingot

    When you are annealing and it starts to sweat it means you are already starting to melt your metal. It is becoming almost to hot. Try to stay under the sweating temperature. You dont have to anneal if you have good metal and good technique. Next time before you start make an arrow with a...
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    Help, please: Transfer wax alternative

    Just buy it in an European Union country. Free transfer/movement of goods should mean the Italian customs won't look at packages between EU countries. In the Netherlands I can buy Sam transfer wax. And I assume other jewelry supply companies in other EU countries have it in stock aswell.
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    Upgrade my current hone or go for GRS?

    Buy a sheet of steel that you can place on top of the hone. Make it the size you need. Then your magnetic feet for the dual angle fixture will also stick. I also have the cheap diamond wheels, I got them from aliexpr. I dont use them often but they still look good. The finer ones tend to clog...
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    Progress Pic Mandarin Duck

    Is this all hand painted enamel? That is quite the size to enamel!

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