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    Question: Gold Background

    I have been looking at the beautiful work of Brian Hochstrat on the recent post of the Browning shotgun. I would like to know how the gold sky was done. Was it done in the usual way of raising teeth and hammering in gold wire? Is there another way. If it was done with gold wire that is a lot...
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    Inkjet Transfer Recommendation

    Try the marker instead of Cirelli. There is no mixing make sure you get the marker with a broad tip. Some have fine pencil point tips.
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    Inkjet Transfer Recommendation

    I use an HP ENVY 5540 printer, My ink is 62, Pictorico transparency film to print on, found on Amazon, Prismacolor 40% grey marker from Hobby Lobby to coat the metal. Make sure the marker is 40% grey, colors will not work. Make sure you print on the correct side of the transparency. It will...
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    FAKE Nimschke

    Thanks Sam. I think I was the first to recognize this was done by a pneumatic engraver.
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    FAKE Nimschke

    As I look at the scroll and how they are cut it appears to me that these were cut with a pneumatic hand engraver. I say that because of the smooth cuts showing that there is no indication that it was done with hammer and chisel. Someone tell me if you are thinking the same as I do.
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    Any script engravers on this forum?

    Beautiful penmanship!
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    Any script engravers on this forum?

    Sam Alfano has a DVD that will give good instructions. I think you could purchase it from this site. Also, I have been practicing hand engraved script without any assistance from a pneumatic hand piece, Just hand push, I have found that it is not that difficult.
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    Question: WAX ?

    I have a small plastic container about the size of a 50 cent piece. My wife gave it to me. I think she got it at the dollar store or Walmart. I fill it about half full with the wax. I thin the wax with lighter fluid and add some inletting black to make a dark black wax. That is the way I use...
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    Help, please: Sam's boarder diagram & instruction?

    Try a google image search for hand engraved borders. There are many ideas. There will be an option to view more similar. Click on it. You will get images that are engravings as well as line drawings.
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    engravers script lettering chart

    I think it is not all fonts. There is also 1001 free fonts and Also, try a google image search for script fonts. When you find one you like visit that page. some are just images of fonts while others will connect you to a font down load.
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    engravers script lettering chart

    There are some sites that have fonts that are easily downloaded. I don't remember where I saw Palace script. I do remember it is out there for free on some sites but others are asking $35 for it. One place that has a lot of fonts is
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    Fixturing trick

    Don't make your wife mad at you! I use a heat gun to soften the glue.
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    Experience with Transparency Film?

    I use Pictorico OHP Transparency Film. I think I got it on Amazon. I also bought some film from Tom White. They look the same. My printer is an HP envy 5540. Ink is no. 62. Some times I get 3 to 4 transfers from a single printing. It is not a jet black transfer but easy to see and you...
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    Experience with Transparency Film?

    I suggest you try a Prismacolor blending marker, 40% gray, in place of Tom's White's solution. I don't know if the liquid in the marker is the same stuff as Tom White's but it seems to work exactly in the same way. You can find the markers at most arts and crafts stores.
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    Practice Templates

    Try google images and search for engraved practice plates , lettering.
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    liners in Western bright cut

    I'm rather new to bright cut and I'm not satisfied with the brightness of the cut of the liners. I have put the proper thumb nail curve on them, but the cut is not as bright as I would like. Does any one polish their liners for a brighter cut and if so how do you do it with out making them flat.
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    Background relief question

    I guess the answer is you do whatever it takes. I had the same question when I started. If you don't use a rotary tool you just need to grind your own and experiment to find something that works. You might grind part of the graver away just behind the heel to gain clearance so that you don't...
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    Sam's book

    Sam's book arrived this AM. Good work Sam, a great book for study.
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    What software

    Go on Amazon and look for copies of Corel. Some places are selling off older copies that are inexpensive and work well. I Don't know if the same is true for Adobi Illus. But I'd check it out.