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  1. Brant

    Screw head timing

    I'm making a new set of grips for this old Ruby. I will be cutting a new set of screws for the grips and I do intend to "Time" the screw heads. Any suggestions on the "proper" orientation for the screw slots? Should they be vertical, horizontal, or in line with the grips? Images follow.
  2. Brant

    Face Masks

    I do not want to get into an argument about staying safe and PPE. I just want to share something that came to me this morning. It is impossible for me to find any N95 masks to wear when I have to go grocery shopping. This site grabbed me by it’s simple, economical approach to home-made face...
  3. Brant

    Vacation pictures

    I know this is not related to anything we do, but the pictures are inspiring to me. I took them while scuba diving in the Cayman Islands. I have two pages of pictures on my site, they are only accessible thru the following links, and the Passwords are necessary. First page pictures taken on...
  4. Brant

    Off topic pictures

    I know this is way off topic, but this is where I get my inspiration. I have been scuba diving for over 40 years now, and every time I go it is still thrilling, always something new to see. I thought some of you might enjoy some of my pictures from my most recent trip to Grand Cayman. Use...
  5. Brant

    Ray Cover Bulino Class

    I just got back home from a 3 day Bulino Class with Ray Cover at his school in Potosi, MO. My head is just about to explode, lots covered and I really learned a TON!!! Of course Ray is a great teacher, and spent lots of time with each student explaining how to change our attempts to develop...
  6. Brant

    Practise plates

    A repetitive post of "Newbies" is 'What should I practice, or where to find something to practice.' With Sam Alfano's permission I am posting these for your personal use. The script is a derivative of Sam and Dr Joseph Vitolo. All the script and parts are reversed for direct transfer...
  7. Brant

    New use for parchment paper?

    I don't know if this has been covered before, but it is new to me and may be of some help to others. I've finally progressed to the point where Thermo-lock is necessary for work holding, and I did encounter a problem with initial heating and forming. That stuff is really sticky and it made a...

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