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    Hope to see one this season!
  2. Big-Un

    Engraving brass after practicing on steel

    Cast brass is usually full of voids.
  3. Big-Un

    Question: No smudge solution

    On larger surfaces I use an airbrush to spray on Tom's solution. It gives me a more consistent coverage and saves a little of the solution in the process, then I spray cheap hair spray over it LIGHTLY.
  4. Big-Un

    Cutting on concave surfaces

    Old engravers made their gravers themselves, bending the tips upwards to fit the curvature of the object being engraved, such as bowls or spoons. Search for these types on the internet and in the older engraving books and there are examples shown.
  5. Big-Un

    Engrave in interview

    I don't know if this was intended for me, but, no, I'll not be at the Engrave-In, had to back out due to continuing health issues.
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    please help

    Sorry to hear about your needing to relocate from your homeland to the USA but maybe it will benefit you in the future. I'm sure the language barrier will be overcome as we all have the ability to communicate, even if regimentally at times. Would love to see some examples of your work. I was on...
  7. Big-Un

    Rifle Floorplates with Diamonds

    Learned something new about "radiated" diamonds today, thanks Mike.
  8. Big-Un

    Stepping up from practice plates

    And with the current political climate with BATFE you may just put yourself in their crosshairs for a "future anarchist" classification.
  9. Big-Un

    One year of engraving

    Extremely well done! Ray is great teacher, and it shows you listened to him and applied his expertise correctly. Sometimes we artists are a little "set in our ways" and don't want to listen to our instructors.
  10. Big-Un

    R.I.P. Ray Philips

    A sad notice indeed of Ray's passing. I don't remember the show where I met Ray, but the time spent with him I'll never forget. He explained to me in detail how to use his N-Graver-R and I bought one on the spot, with the drill, and still use it some today. I also won a logo punch there and he...
  11. Big-Un

    In Search of Meek's Squirrel

    I have one (or SEVERAL) of those rascals and they take Meek's squirrel pose in my pear tree while they cut the fruit from the branches! My pear tree is about 20' tall and loaded with fruit but I've only had one to eat in the past three years because of them and the deer. I live in the middle of...
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    Announcement: Cheap and easy ball vice stand

    I think you mean "Shimpo" pottery wheel, which I use.
  13. Big-Un

    Adjustable height chair

    I had one, gave it away to a young fellow for mechanical work. It made my crotch go numb!
  14. Big-Un

    the Hand Engraving Podcast is on the air!

    I'm saving your podcasts to a special folder for future reference. Hope you don't mind me doing it.
  15. Big-Un

    Common Gravers for scroll engraving

    I have "fat" hands and use a higher heel geometry so my fingers will clear the workpiece.
  16. Big-Un

    Thanks JJ Robert’s

    I see your beard is back...good move!
  17. Big-Un

    Question: Recommended resources for ornamental wood carving?

    That's my wife's name!! But, no, she doesn't carve wood.
  18. Big-Un

    Tips for signing your work

    When I use the "hidden monogram" as my signature I always give the owner of the piece a diagram of the location of the signature on a certified Certificate of Authenticity.
  19. Big-Un

    Question: Teachers

    My bad! Somehow, I keep getting you two fellows mixed up; guess I'll need to attend more FEGA shows and etch your mugs into my mind permanently. Sorry for the mix-up.

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