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    Suggestions on pricing equipment for sale?

    I thought I might want to have a go at some engraving but between the usual day to day, that's not going to be realistic for me. Gear that I'm not sure how to price are: Meiji EMZ-5 microscope and GRS dual arm stand. Meiji FL 180 fiber optic halogen dual arm lighting. GRS positioning vise...
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    Random pictures

    The thought of this thread is to display your's or other's works: This is a snap from a photo thread on a photo forum where we were discussing engraved pieces. Bruce Shaw's work on a Stan Fujisaka folder.
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    I've been a part time knife maker since '98'ish making liner lock folders and straight knives via the stock removal method. The engraving gear was purchased by the Mrs. when she thought this might be a good hubby-wife team since were were doing the knife show circuit back in those days. She...

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