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  1. Big-Un

    SS Victorinox Multitool

    I accepted a Victorinox Multitool to engrave a gentleman's name and a few "curly-ques" for a good pastor friend and have been regretting it ever since. Little did I know how HARD the metal is! Not only is it hard, it has soft/hard spots throughout the piece. It will cut beautifully for about...
  2. Big-Un

    New picture

    This is my new avatar. I needed to change my picture after losing ~60lbs and retiring from portraying Santa for over ten years. Figured I needed to shave and clean up so the kids wouldn’t see a “sickly“ Santa Claus.
  3. Big-Un

    BATFE audit

    A few days ago I had my first, and hopefully my last, BATFE audit. With only 32 logbook entries since 2014, about a third being "repair" entries for engraving purposes, I thought it would be quick and easy. Not so! The agent spent almost three hours going over my books and found some errors on...
  4. Big-Un


    Maybe I missed something here, but is Scott's Engrave-In still a go and is the date in April correct?
  5. Big-Un

    Sanctuary counties/cities

    Looks like there may be a "conflict" brewing, especially since a democratic member of VA's legislature suggested they use the National Guard to enforce the gun control laws passed. To date there are more than 93 counties and cities designated sanctuary status and more signing daily.

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