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    Announcement: Alvin Chewiwi - FEGA Master Engraver

    Way to go Alvin, Im still new at this and just celebrated my 58 th Birthday, Im retired and this is my new life interest. My goal is to reach your stage in 20 years, I realize that I'll be 78 than , But I don't think your ever to old to become a Master, Thanks for your contributions to the...
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    Inkjet Transfer Recommendation

    I went on ebay and got an old HP inkjet 1000. actually new old stock for like 80 bucks , the think will work with just the black ink cartridge in it. you have to use the HP ink , The other didnt work, when I bought the HP brand. it worked . Also HP sells Black PIGMENTED INK for that printer, its...
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    Gold Inlay with drop shadow by Mitch

    Mitch, I like that a lot, Obviously it's something that I would show to a customer 1st in some pictures of the differant finished products like you say and let them decide. Some like it simple , I think most would like the overshadow effect if its suitable for the piece thats being inlaid, a lot...
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    Field of view

    I ment to type LONG ISLAND lol.
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    Field of view

    I'm excited to go, I'm actually driving from Lonv Islznd down to Florida to take my adult kids and my Grand kids to Disneyland .figured I'd leave a few days early and stop on the way. I'll tell him you said hello
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    Field of view

    Yeah, it was driving me nuts . I had bought mine off Ebay and got the stand from GRS. It's a great microscope and perfect for the job with that only exception which of course I didnt know. But yeah , what a differance. I can see almost an entire 3 X 7 practice plate. great.hav ed a great day ...
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    Field of view

    Hello all, Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season , Im still new to the Metal Engraving world but making a lot of progress. I have a 2 day beginners course scheduled with J J Roberts in VA , one on one . It should be great. Looking forward to it. Any way the main reason for this post is the...
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    Scroll inlay troubles

    look up Master Engraving on you tube, He has a detailed video up that explains everything from start to finish
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    This happen to anybody else?

    Take a few pictures of the damage if you can, I'd like to look at them when I see you next month..
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    This happen to anybody else?

    Wow, Thats a tough one for sure,
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    foredom handpieces overheating,

    Did you go to a differant motor recently ? the Fordome needs to be run on the lower RPM motor ( the LX ) its a 5000 rpm motor made for the engraver, the SP is a higher RPM motor(I think its 18,000 RPM ) it will overheat and burn up the engraver. The reason I asked if you changed recently is...
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    Boston Area

    I live out in Shirley Long Island, N.Y., if you take the Orient point ferry to long Island Im about an hour away from where the ferry takes you . Its probably a 4 hour trip for you but I have the Lindsey set up,m the GRS Gravermach set up and also the heavy duty NGraver electric set up, your...
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    Mauzer's pistol grip cap

    Dude. Its absolutly phenomenal. If I were the client I'd be happy as a get out also. I'm new to the world of metal engraving but know very good when I see very good. Can't wait to see more.
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    Need some guidance

    Don't get Discouraged . IT WILL GET EASIER. make sure to know where the non pushing hand is at all times when guiding the work, It hurts like hell if and When that Graver slips and stabs you in the other hand. It can ruin the rest of your day, Good luck. You'll do Great.
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    magna graver with flex shaft outfit

    hi, just saw the message, sorry Im gonna have to renig on the offer, my son just told me he wanted it , he had been slowly getting into engraving and said that he liked the ngraver the best and if he had known I was going to sell it he would have made an offer, $470 is a good price new, the GRS...
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    magna graver with flex shaft outfit

    I have one also, love it just make sure you get the high torque lower RPM motor. The SR will burn it out.The LX is what I use with it and it's perfect. I have a complete extra set The motor .foot pedal and engraver I'll be willing to sell if you haven't bought one yet.Good luck.
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    New GRS equipment for sale

    is this system still available ?
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    Question: Local Engravers

    Thanks to everyone giving me a thumbs up and a hearty welcome, with the Holiday season in full swing and my Emotions all over the place obviously thinking of my Late wife the words of encouragement are a great help.I bought the Lindsey classic along with the foot pedal and air regulators from...
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    engravers script lettering chart

    Rust Oleum Flat black paint is a good product to use for Blackening a background on a good majority of engravings like guns, knives etc, am I correct ?
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    engravers script lettering chart

    Im not a good Computer operator, but try this, I found this accidentally yesterday ,It was posted on the Hand Engraving Forum By Sam Our Fearless was posted on January 16th 2017 ,I tried to copy the link address he put ,lets see if I was successful lol...

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