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    Question: From every angle

    For all the nerds out there, do you have a favorite angle to start designs with? I know calligraphy has a 55 degree slant which I like for layouts, anyone else got something they are just drawn to?
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    Question: No smudge solution

    I currently used Tom white transfer and enjoy the outcome, but on a longer outline job I might get oil or sweat and have to put another outline down. Scribing is a fair solution but does anyone use anything to give it some extra hold like a lacquer? Thanks as always
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    Critique Request Gold match 2 (fire element)

    Took long enough and happy with design atleast. Finely sanded the sides and will be working on my first gun after a lot of practice and time. Took the Kimber name off so I didn’t have an interruption in flow. This is the first project in a list of scroll styles that I’ll attach to each...
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    Question: Greatest joy

    Engraving is tough yet rewarding. Other than the pay, what’s is the greatest reward you all have found as lifelong artist or craftsman? I’m on an intentional hiatus for engraving (building the pencil skills still), but wanted to see why others stick with this unique yet timeless venture.
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    Critique Request Moki pliant thuja

    This design evolved from my failed Al mar project and will be engraving on a moki pliant thuja blade (gentleman’s folder). It reads much better and should hold more detail than the design being too busy. More work to come soon (I hate the cliche), but finally getting some time at the bench...
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    Fun idea

    Trying it as we speak as a side project, not that I need anymore at the moment but…………If you have bought Sam Alfano’s advanced shading, you can try to shrink the design to half size and try to get clear shade lines still. The design still looks good at that size and is a real challenge to...
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    Question: From bright to matte

    I am curious if anyone prefers to use a graver sharpened to 1200 grit and finer who then changes the reflectivity of the cuts on steel without using abrasives. The feeling of a super sharp graver is just great for ocd but not trying to make bright cuts for the style I want. Only thing I found...
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    Announcement: It’s a weim

    I’ll now have a dog tag or two to practice on. I was told that these increase engraving skills so I had to get one.
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    Question: Recommended resources for ornamental wood carving?

    I really enjoy the the woodstock carving like on lee griffiths guns (who doesn’t?), but wanted to get some general knowledge before ruining a 700 dollar piece of wood for pistol grip handles. These days there plenty of resources but quality is really the question as there is always a...
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    Question: Wooden pin vise

    I’m looking for a wooden pen style pin vise to hold recycled drill bits as scrapers. Short of making one myself I haven’t seen any that are made strictly for comfort, anyone got a source or interested in making some for sale? I don’t have a lathe otherwise would go to town on one.
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    Gold overlay

    Far from mad at my first attempt at gold overlay with my own technique. Very sloppy but I’ve atleast payed the groundwork to move forward. Thanks for following along on the journey, could not have done it without Sam and the forum as a whole. Hope everyone is making the best of the new year...
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    Minimalist black leaf pendant

    In between big projects sometimes it helps to free hand with a little wax and pencil.
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    Question: Pictorico pro

    Has anyone used the pictorico pro sheets rather than just the regular and enjoyed the difference for transfers?
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    Critique Request Al mar eagle

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    Question: Buffalo nickel source

    Anybody got a good source for Buffalo nickels? Not trying to get the collectible or rare years just want to get my feet wet with carving
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    Question: Draw tongs

    Do you all use anything other than draw tongs for drawing wire? Dipping my toes with drawing gold wire to size and haven’t gotten the hang of it quite yet, curious what y’all’s favorite tool for the job was. Other question, does the “rows and teeth” method of overlay work for wire or am I...
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    Critique Request Dainty flower

    Trying to find designs that would be easy to engrave in an hour or two for the entry level crowd. Flowers never go out of style but tell me what you think. Semper Augustus: a flower who’s petals were beautiful because of a virus.
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    Amazing reference for birds
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    Question: Engraveable watch dials

    I see aftermarket engraving done on watches and am interested in expanding my scope. I’ve done some searching and have fallen short on watch dials good for engraving. I figure start with something desirable like a dial; that doesn’t void warranties and not such a big investment like a luxury...

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