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    does anybody know

    Mr. Kanagawa's gravers where the inspiration for Alexander's cobra engraver. He said so in one of his Instagram posts. He also posted a series of 3 short clips where he shows one being made. He takes a V-graver and grinds it to shape.
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    Microscope camera question

    Leica's S9D is trinocular. Tira Mitchell sells it ( and she could probably answer any questions that you have.
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    Red flags

    What program is generating the red flag for you? I'm in the US and haven't gotten anything like that.
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    Some colorful basketweave in titanium...

    Beautiful work! I love the detail and dedication of the selective anodization!
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    Marcus Hunt's English Fine Scroll

    Hopefully he publishes another round of the book & DVD set; I have been looking for it also without any success. I would even pre-order it if that helped Mr. Hunt generate enough interest for doing another print run.
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    way cool vise

    Steve Lindsay makes a Morphing Fractal™ Engraving Vise
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    Metalsmithing course

    Hi Purplepepper8, What exactly are you looking for in terms of diving deeper into metalsmithing? It's a very broad topic! Are you wanting more in depth jewelry fabrication classes so that you can get better at making more complex pieces? For US schools the next place to look into after New...
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    Cracking on 18K red gold wire while rolling.

    Have you tried forging the ingot before putting it through the rolling mill? Forging will help compress the newly poured ingot using less pressure than the rolling mill. After processing the ingot some, you can then run it through the mill without stressing the metal as much as it would a fresh...
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    Question: Engraveable watch dials

    Rolex is fussy about who can even be an authorized Rolex dealer, let alone work on their watches and order parts! They also reserve the right to pull their watches out of a store on the spot if they feel it is in their best interest in maintaining their standards.
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    Good Clearance for Super Deep Cuts - Graver Shaping

    On Instagram, Alexandreschool has posted ~3 short videos showing how he makes his 'Cobra' gravers. They have a relief behind the face for clearance. It is modeled after some gravers used by master Keiki Kanagawa, a watch engraver. Unfortunately I don't know how to link the posts to the forum.
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    Announcement: Full time hand engraver wanted

    Beautiful area of N. Georgia! I grew up an hour SW of there. Sounds like a great job for the right person.
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    Phosphor bronze Canada

    Cuts similarly to gold. Alexandre Sidorov uses it at his school in Belgium.
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    Engraving titanium advice

    To remove gold and silver rings, a ring cutting tool is typically used. It has a circular metal fine toothed blade like wood working tools. This saves the finger and allows the ring to be repaired or resized as needed. The ring can be removed with one to two cuts depending on the ring and the...
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    FULL Engraving setup for sale

    Some of the prices are written on the catalog pages and some of the items don't have prices shown is the issue that Memorymaker is pointing out. This is what I see: Gravermach AT - ??? Maestro & Maestro MX Handpieces - ??? 3× Sam Alfano DVDs - ??? Led ring light - ??? Floating light - $218...
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    Which should i choose?

    I'm primarily a jewelry and am just getting into engraving. That said, I use a Leica A60 (no addon objective lens) at work and my coworker has a Meiji EMZ5. The Leica has sharper optics than the Meiji. The zoom and magnification of the Leica are also better if you are looking into the...
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    Drawing the Acanthus

    I should be the same book. The Etsy one has a fancy cover on it is all
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    Help with GRS Gravermach tuning/setup

    The bleed valve might be out of alignment in the food pedal. Here is GRS's video for adjusting the foot throttle
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    Graver angle chart by Allen Clapp

    Thanks for the file Mr. Clapp! I converted it to a pdf for everyone.
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    Vacation pictures

    Those are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Sadly I haven't been diving in ~7 years so I appreciate the opportunity to live vicariously through photos like these.

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