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  1. Wiseman501

    Wasn't sure where to introduce myself (new member)...lots of progress pics

    Welcome to the family, WValtakis2! Great looking work.
  2. Wiseman501

    Question: dots for transfering images?

    I don't have a good answer beyond speculation, but you may consider just asking him directly? We all develop little tricks and approaches that work well for us but may not for others. This is why I always believe in learning from more than one person; It gives one a chance to see which...
  3. Wiseman501

    Engraving for Enameling

    Wow... I've done enameling for class rings and several customs, and I know how tricky it can be. This is some great combination of skill and science to produce a very high quality product. I absolutely love this field I get to work in. There is always more to learn and more to see. Always new...
  4. Wiseman501

    Are you a musician?

    Yep. Used to pay the bills with it in studios and stuff but now I just gig around at local venues with some friends. Most stringed instruments, keys, and vocals. Blues, rock, and classical mostly, but I have fun with jazz and funk when I feel it. Cheers to the other noise makers on the forum!
  5. Wiseman501

    Progress Pic Chased/Repousee Frog

    Thanks for the great info, Takoyaki! I have some experience in blacksmithing and tool making, so I think I will be more connected with it if I forge the hammer head and lathe out the handle myself once I know the preferred styles I'm going for. Good tip on the square stock for punches and...
  6. Wiseman501

    Question: How to shape objects when engraving?

    (Reply to Jon Silas) Okay, so there are two primary tools used for these applications. Pendulum motor type rotary tools, of which Foredom is a good brand name and you are familiar. These have a strong electric motor often hanging from an overhead fixture, and the power moves to your handpiece...
  7. Wiseman501

    Question: How to shape objects when engraving?

    So far in my studies I've seen more of this successfully done by sculpting. Sam Alfano uses a brass punch on a pneumatic handpiece set to low rpms, something around 1200rpm if I recall. I am using a hammer handpiece on a micromotor with a brass punch to achieve the effect since I'm more intimate...
  8. Wiseman501

    My first post.

    BTW 63wag... Sorry for semi-hijacking your post. That was a great piece of work you shared, especially for a first go. I hope my incessant questions aren't annoying anyone on the forums yet. I just get aggressive when trying to consume knowledge.
  9. Wiseman501

    My first post.

    Thanks for the lead, Jonathan! You rock.
  10. Wiseman501

    My first post.

    Follow up question: For shading in bulino style, do you press harder to make larger divots in the dark areas, and more gently in the light areas, or do you go for the same pressure, but more numerous divots in the darker areas? Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like shading is basically...
  11. Wiseman501

    My first post.

    Coming from being a jeweler for 20+ years, some of the skills cross over, so I am not finding it particularly difficult to grasp inlay so far, but the level of graver control necessary to make attractive scrolls and THEN inlay and clean up consistently without a catastrophic slip or something...
  12. Wiseman501

    My first post.

    That looks awesome. I am new to engraving so I have no real way to know what could be critiqued about it. I'm still working on scrollwork and inlay. Lol.
  13. Wiseman501

    Progress Pic Chased/Repousee Frog

    Okay great. I use pitch sometimes to hold work for stone setting but never thought to use it in this way. Tako, thanks for the book suggestion! Great to meet you. I always enjoy new reading and reference materials!
  14. Wiseman501

    Progress Pic Chased/Repousee Frog

    Similar to the lost wax process that I use, in the sense that if I don't make a rubber mold after casting my piece to re-shoot the wax model, it's a one-off design (Unless someone makes a mold of it later). The wax and the plaster negative in the flask are both lost by the end of the casting...
  15. Wiseman501

    Design for pendant engraving

    Ha, I like how one leaf punches through another. That's a pretty cool look. Also nice multiple entwining. Drawing skills are becoming obvious to me as a huge foundation for high level engraving. I'm a decent pencil artist, but scrollwork and leaves are something I never really practiced until...
  16. Wiseman501

    Progress Pic Chased/Repousee Frog

    Cool repousee work. I might look into that technique once I get a better mastery of my engraving. Quick question: If I'm already proficient in wax carving and casting, would it still be worth learning this for 3D forms? What are some pros and cons of repousee versus lost wax? I can see that...
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    Join FEGA/FEGA banners for your Cafe signature

    Just applied. Thanks for the info, Sam!
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    Hello, everybody!

    Hello to all! I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dylan Tilley, and I work in the Baltimore/DC area as a jeweler, watchmaker, and gemologist. More details in my profile. I have always used gravers for my stone setting and some decorations, but have recently...