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    Need Transfer Advice

    Many thanks Allen.
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    Pigment inks vs dye inks for transferring patterns onto metal with inkjet print

    Very informative Allen. Thank you for the information.
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    Need Transfer Advice

    Many thanks Tom. Your advice is appreciated.
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    Third bulino attempt

    Very well done. Thank you for posting.
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    a weird one for ya

    Looks fantastic.
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    Push Dagger

    Well Brian, it looks like you've done it again. wonderful work.
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    Engraved Zippo practice

    Very nice. My compliments.
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    Damar varnish alternative?

    I have been using a variation of the inkjet and shellac method. Attached is a set of mixing and application instructions with photos of results. Hopefully it will be of some use to members of this group.
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    Need Transfer Advice

    Hello All, I have made successful pattern transfers using Zinzer Bullseye Shellac, Bin Primer and Denatured Alcohol with 3M 3460 Transparencies and HP Original Inks No 96, 61, 62 and 63. It now seems my printer (HP3833 w/ 63 Ink) is in need of replacing. I am finding deals on printers that use...
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    Latest knife learning inlay

    Great work - really a first class job. My compliments.
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    Knife Scales

    Fantastic - thank you for posting.
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    A Bit More Two-Step

    Well done. Many thanks for posting.
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    Colt SAA Engraved.

    Truly worth seeing. Thank you.
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    ColtSAA photo overflow..

    Fantastic - thank you for posting.
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    Colt SAA case lid -plaque

    Fabulous work - thank you for posting.
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    Air Compressors for Old Gravermax

    Thank you for the info - I was hoping to get my local store to let me listen to one running but you post literally closed the deal for me.
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    Need help (inkjet)

    To my understanding, quality inkjet transfers have more to do with the transparency and original ink being used. I have made successful transfers onto 3M brand (CG3460) transparencies using original HP ink # 61; #62; #63 and #96 (black only) and Zinser Bullseye Shellac & BIN Primer. Please see...
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    Carving grapevine on a limestone cross

    Truly a beautiful work. My compliments.
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    HD Motorcycle Cover

    Welcoe Back!