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    Draw File

    If there is a McMaster nearer to you, check their listings for hand files, and you will fine Swiss pattern files as well.
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    Draw File

    If you need something larger, here is a link to the single cut files at Grobet USA:
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    Draw File

    I believe that Brownell's used to carry them, but no longer. Nor have I found them on any industrial supplier's site I've checked, at least not as a "draw file"....... As a possible substitute, you can look at the chain saw sharpening file you can find at Lowes or Home Depot. The "brand name"...
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    Gravermeister oil choice

    10w is the recommended oil unless it's low temperatures, then go to 20w. It's in the manual, you can get it from the GRS site, in the support section. There is also a note about using Dexron ATF if oil sludge is a problem. I use ATF in mine, without any issues. You might also need to either...
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    Microscope Lenses: How often and preferred instruments

    Here is a link to a Zeiss brochure on cleaning procedures you may find helpful.......
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    B&L Stereozoom 4 Barlow lens question

    Look into photographic lens filter adaptors.....they are made in a variety of sizes to convert threads to different may have to use more than one to get it to work.
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    Here is a very old (seems to be dated 3/87) 4 page document from Gast, listing parts and a very brief bit of maintenance information. If you contact Gast, you can at least give them the part numbers, and, just maybe, they may have some in a box on the back shelf in the warehouse. By a process...
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    Offhand, I don't know the direction of rotation, but, since it's an A/C motor, the polarity shouldn't matter. My gut sense is it rotates CCW, but don't take that as gospel. If you can do motor rebuilds, you will have no problem whatsoever with the Meister. It's simple, super rugged and...
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    Help, please: old gravermeister advice

    If your Meister has been sitting that long, you might want to look at the vanes in the pump end. If it originally used oil, then the vanes may be stuck. The giveaway is the sound; if the vanes are stuck, you don't hear the pulsing sound, just the motor running. To get at the vanes, you need...
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    Help with Zeiss stemi sv8

    There are/were made adaptors that mounted on the lens barrel via a set of 3 radial screws, allowing you to clamp the adaptor to the lens barrel without using the front threads (if there were any). If you can't find an adaptor setup that works, you might look into those. I used them to put...
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    Question: What is the proper steel for machine engraving precious metals?

    If all you are doing is noble metals, then carbon steel gravers are all you need.
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    Compass for scribing

    There are several Starrett 83-A 3" dividers on E Bay right now. Here's one.
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    Need Die Sinker's Chisel .125"?

    Don't know if you are still looking, but here is a link to a batch of D/S chisels on E-bay; they are mostly Grobet's.....very rare find, and a steal at $75 for the lot. They are in Illinois...... item # 144127678970
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    Graver sharpening system for stone setting

    Assuming that you want to use the gravers you already have, (and just bought) you would have to use the GRS Dual Angle fixture or the Apex, as the Lindsay templates are for 3/32" square tools only. The Apex system from GRS locks you to specific geometries, so, given your yet-to-be-determined...
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    Need Die Sinker's Chisel .125"?

    After checking all the usual suppliers, and finding no one has them anymore (pity!), you might look at these on EBay. Item # 203095064857. They seem close, but they aren't the old chisels one used to be able to get.
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    Help, please: Meiji Emz8-Tr to handycam camcorder

    Were there any optics in the tubes, or were they just a straight pipe and adaptor to the lens?
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    Question: What Drawing Skills Are Needed for Engraving?

    As someone who has been drawing just about since my diapers were dry, I would like to offer the following observation to someone who says they "can't draw a straight line with a ruler". Over the years of some fair amount of "art" training, I've come to the conclusion that classes can teach you...
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    Wave and Ripple Designs

    Here's another one from the same site, grotesque alphabet from the 1600's.
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    Gravermeister handpiece question

    You should probably start with the 901 handpiece; it will do most anything from very fine and light to pretty heavy, using the qc holders makes changes quick, and easy. The drawback is the need for individual holders for each tool, and they are somewhat costly. but you only buy them once. If...
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    Creative Arts book

    FYI, Connecticut Shotgun has the Marco Nobilli Creative Arts book on sale for $49.99; lot of very good close-ups of the work, but some printing errors on 8 pages in the fantasy section is a flaw. The pages are double printed with 2 different images, some of them are from previous pages, and...