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    Inlaying Dots (small circles)

    If you want better control with rotary tools (burrs), and have to remove only a little material, rotate the burr backwards. I took this tip from a stonesetter‘s post at Ganoksin. It works well for Silver and Gold. I never tried it in steel. The backward rotation prevents the teeth of the burr...
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    Does fine silver = easy job?

    I believe your equation „high end tool + soft metal“ lacks the years of practise required to cut the pattern in good and even quality… The pattern is definitely not an easy one. Many say Fine Silver is not easy to engrave. I cut only Argentium which is a good deal harder. I do not want to...
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    Question: c-max carbide grade

    I wanted to try out carbide gravers at stainless steel last year without paying a fortune for the blanks. Instead of trying to find out the ingredients of C-Max or Carbalt, I went the other way round and asked german carbide manufacturers which grade they would recommand for “cutting metal with...
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    Simichrome Polish for finish on ceramic disk

    A couple of weeks ago, I found out the „Simichrome“ is actually a german product by a company named Happich. It is only sold to professionals, due to it‘s skin irritating properties. Seems popular in the US, for cars and motorbikes, but almost unknown in Germany… The pack I got today is labeled...
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    John B micro gravers

    Leland, Thanks a lot for the dimensions! Ralf
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    John B micro gravers

    I‘m curiuos for the dimensions: how wide is one of the micro gravers? I ground mine down to 0.6mm width, it‘s made from high speed steel. How large is the pin head? Cheers Ralf
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    Apple Pencil skipping

    Our local apple dealer recommended to replace the tip, in my case it worked. Pencil had fallen and landed on the tip before, causing it to deform slightly. Seemingly the correct and stable distance of the electrode inside the tip to the iPad‘s surface is important. Cheers Ralf
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    Recycling 24k gold scrap?

    Dumb question, as I don’t know the noble metal practices in the US: would the friendly jeweler next door buy it? In germany, they do…
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    Recycling 24k gold scrap?

    If it would not be for the shipping to Europe, I would scream „yes“ right now… Cheers Ralf
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    Needle file question

    You can find the dimensions here: Just select the file you want, in the description the dimensions are mentioned. If you need more detailled information about the escapement files, I...
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    Question: Design translation.

    I print mirrored on european „sandwich“ paper, it is grease tight and the toner sticks not too much to it. Transfer with Dammar solution. For more details, see Cheers Ralf
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    Critique Request Gift for my wife

    Even heat hardening will not increase the scratch resistance of sterling silver so much. Other metal parts on clothes, even the zipper‘s teeth, might still leave traces on it. Cheers Ralf
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    Critique Request Gift for my wife

    I work most of the time with sterling silver. Even when work hardened, it has a scratch sensitive surface. Ultra-fine shading like in the flowers on an article for daily use will not survive for a long time. Cheers Ralf
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    does anybody know

    I made a “composite” graver from an HSS shaft and a carbide head, brazing the pieces with silver solder together. The carbide head is inclined 30° downwards and reaches below the downside of the shaft by about 1.2mm. It was sharpened with the GRS Dual Angle Fixture. Angles: V 120°, face 50°...
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    Adobe photo shop and illustrator!

    As an afterthought, do You try to use Photoshop and Illustrator at your iPad? There the menu and the look is much different from the PC and MAC version. That might explain why the YouTube tutorials do not help. …fell into this trap myself some years ago… Cheers Ralf
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    Adobe photo shop and illustrator!

    Can’t help You with Photoshop and Illustrator, but with the „turn a color picture in black and white“ part: download Adobe Capture (free) onto your iPad, that could convert pictures to Vector Graphics (.svg) with adjustable thresholds and filters. It is really easy to use. I add an example…. It...
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    does anybody know

    Am I mistaken, or does Mr. Kanagawa hand push engraving without power assist? Beautiful tool, beautiful work! Last year, I made a -15° negative relief 120° graver from an old dentist burr (tool steel, not very hard) and tried it out on cold-rolled copper shet, you could turn it literally...
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    Microscope camera question

    Look for the word “trinokular” in the scope’s description… They usually combine light from both objective paths for the third, straight port, where the video camera sits. Cheers Ralf
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    3D illusion engraving

    Second side done as well, some pictures with natural light taken (grey sky), I hope they look better than the last pics Cheers Ralf
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    3D illusion engraving

    Hi Monk, Thanks a lot! When I find out why my iPad doesn’t let me upload the pictures in origignal size, I’ll post them again, you’ll see the imperfections were the lines getting close together then… I use a stereo microscope, the field of vision was about 1.5 cm. When I set the magnification...