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  1. JJ Roberts

    Woodcut Video

    Ken, Thanks for sharing. J.J.
  2. JJ Roberts

    Progress Pic Bulldog

    Ken don't forget to feed him. J.J.
  3. JJ Roberts

    Palm Control Idle

    Allen, Don't try to adjust the drive screws. J.J.
  4. JJ Roberts

    Palm Control Idle

    Allen, The idle speed is a brass nob in front of the rubber handle. J.J.
  5. JJ Roberts

    Tom White hone + GRS dual angle sharpener question

    I purchased TW power hone and still have my GRS dual angle fixture and would like know the distance between the disk & the table so I can use the GRS fixture. J.J.
  6. JJ Roberts

    Las Vegas…let the countdown begin

    Would love to go but need to stay close to home and take care of my wife. J.J.
  7. JJ Roberts

    Critique Request First gun

    BB, Why are you engraving the slide with removing the bluing? the bluing should be removed before engraving. J.J
  8. JJ Roberts

    Nimschke archive at the Met

    I meet John J. Malloy the man how originally owned the Nimschke book of smoke pulls and put the book together with R.L. Wilson at the Baltimore gun show we had a nice talk about the book and Roy Vail. J.J.
  9. JJ Roberts

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy and safe new year to all my fellow engravers. J.J.
  10. JJ Roberts

    The Season

    Tonight the Christmas Story will be on TV for 24 hours Ralphie is back with his Red Rider 1,000 shot BB gun. J.J.
  11. JJ Roberts

    The Season

    Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. J.J.
  12. JJ Roberts

    What’s your favorite way to hold a revolver in a ball vice?

    I never remove a barrel on revolver's for engraving only on rifles and shotguns. J.J.
  13. JJ Roberts

    What’s your favorite way to hold a revolver in a ball vice?

    I have the some set of blocks but can't remember way I got them from I think Mike Dubber makes blocks to hold revolvers. J.J.
  14. JJ Roberts

    If you are ever in Houston, TX...

    For the man who everything gun store. J.J.
  15. JJ Roberts

    Instructor Shout Out - J.J. Roberts in Manassas, VA

    Thanks Kelly and Grayson for your kind words. J.J.
  16. JJ Roberts

    Micro Engraving

    I like the micro gravers that John B came up made out of tiny carbide drills. J.J.
  17. JJ Roberts


    Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all Cafe members. J.J.
  18. JJ Roberts

    Critics welcomed !

    Looks good so far keep drawing. J.J.

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