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  1. vilts

    Critique Request Zippo No. 10 - bulino study

    Hello, It's been a while since my last post and to fix that problem I ask for your honest critique on this piece. I need to do 2 more females on metal, so they have to be better than this one :). I did start out by making too heavy cuts and that was hard to fix once I got the feel of how...
  2. vilts

    Engraved damasteel knife

    This knife has been long time in the making, but today I finally finished the engraving too. Knife itself was ready more than a month ago. As I really liked how the damasteel (Swedish stainless damascus) turned out, I put on it engraving that's worth more than I got paid, but I couldn't help...
  3. vilts

    Critique Request Mr. Bulino, am I ready for the real deal?

    Here's my next go at that ever-popular bulino thingy. Last time I did only the portrait part of that image and it wasn't that big of a success. This time it's the whole butterfly-angel-lady in her beauty. Height from tip of the wing to the shoetip is 5cm (about 2"). Please keep in mind that...

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