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  1. KCSteve

    How to post links

    How to post links As promised, a quick little tutorial on posting links, including links to search results. There are two basic ways you can do all of these little code things. If you hit the 'Go Advanced' button on a reply, or if you're starting a thread you have the advanced input...
  2. KCSteve

    Posting pictures that won't get lost

    Every now and then the pictures on a thread 'go away'. This happens when the pictures are hosted elsewhere and something happens that makes the URL to where they were invalid. Could be the picture got deleted from that site, the site's URL changed, security changed... all sorts of things...
  3. KCSteve

    Another happy RingGenie owner!

    Been selling Hobo Nickels to bring in a little money. Not getting that much yet, but at least I'm able to pay for my own toys, one of which is a RingGenie. I got the 'plus' kit because it strikes me as the best value. You get the RingGenie, the lovely wooden box, the layout guide -...
  4. KCSteve

    Tutorial: The Hobo Nickel Studio

    The Hobo Nickel Studio This is cross posted over at my website - click here This tutorial shows you how to construct a little photography aid I call the Hobo Nickel Studio. It's inspired by Roland Baptiste's clever idea of turning an empty milk jug into a mini-macro studio. He noted...

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