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    Pileated Woodpecker Pic lets bulino his a..:tiphat:
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    Transfer tip

    sorry disregard last question
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    Transfer tip

    is the "order this" link violin rosin please?
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    First completed practice plate (Phil Coggan design)

    Beautiful those Black Doxies
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    Transfer tip

    speaking of transfers.......has anyone found that the latest batch of TW's magic in the clear form is giving them fits? I personally can't get squat to transfer with it, pap
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    well I must be advancing, I'm asking questions here. When cutting dots and dashes in orientation to the image, are the dots and dashes cut in the direction of flow and form of the subject please? And does depth of dots make a difference in final view perception? thanks paps
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    Anyone have affinity photo please

    Can you outline only a pic or image on affinity photo? I have played with it and can't identify terms used to corilate final results. Some I use and still use with no problem, but not being familiar with photo terminology the rest avaids me, any help would be much appreciated and applied. pap
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    bulino practice

    This is facinating, I think the job is very nice. I have a choice to make.....DOT or LINES..... I cannot wrap my inexperienced mind around doing this portrait in lines ( Mr. DeCammils) style. Seeing this which appears to me as all dots is like looking at a picture. I love it. thanks for...
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    Hand Engraved Knives and Coins by Alexsey Saburov

    more like a phd in his
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    Lindsay Trucenter Camlock

    I'm wishing for mine!
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    Trouble with background removing.

    Hay it's a start.........I know what your going through, I reflect upon it everyday, I'm adjusting the ratio of design to cut depth now. pap
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    H&H .700

    The light strike and shading of the big bull elephant is so realistic, seems like he is charging me!!!!!!! thanks again Phil. pap
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    Brass Whistle:

    very nice.........he will love it. pap
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    Tom White transfers - Envy 5052 Wireless All-in-One Printer

    And they can be filled in the need to remove. The 65-63- and 62 tanks.
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    H&H .700

    This by far is one of the most if not THE most beautiful weapons engraved. I bet H&H are chaumping at the bit to get this one for their collection too!! Thanks Mr. Coggan for sharing with us.
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    Question: Gold Background

    That is exactly what I was thinking also Crazy Horse, probly from members like you and Mr. Roger.:happyvise: pap
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    More stone carvings of Acanthus Leaf Scrolls - Grand Forks, ND Masonic Temple

    That is wonderful info Worshipful, my son is the 27 openair degreed Master in Michigan, people fly in for this event. It's held in the same place consistantly, the PM has a air strip adjacent to the woods. IT is truly a wonderful thing. JD Welfare 517. F&AM Mi.
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    Announcement: My engraving design tutorials

    Thank you your style by the way. pap
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    To Phil Coggan

    Im lookin, has to be breathtaking to see the finished jewel. pap
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    Has anyone in the forum had experience/used "Golden Rule Calipers" please? pap

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