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  1. JJ Roberts

    Engraved Ballard

    This is a Ballard I did for a customer in NC. He asked me to duplicate an original factory engraving.
  2. JJ Roberts

    Question: air graver vs. hammer/push graver

    troutbox,If you study the engraving of the successfully engravers on this forum there's a reason they know how to draw. J.J.
  3. JJ Roberts

    Help, please: "english" scrollwork

    Dan,A big help to me and many others gun engravers was Marcus Hunt's how to book and videos on fine English scrolls,if you can find a copy it would be helpful. J.J.
  4. JJ Roberts

    Auction Ken Hurst, Engraved Colt

    Thought I would share with everyone that I found in the Antique Week publication this week an article showing a Colt Python engraved by Ken Hurst sold at auction.
  5. JJ Roberts

    Question: air graver vs. hammer/push graver

    I believe everyone should try H&C and hand push engraving before they think about power assist,also learn how to draw. J.J.
  6. JJ Roberts

    First completed practice plate (Phil Coggan design)

    James,Your off to a good start keep posting. J.J.
  7. JJ Roberts

    Ken Hurst

    I've known Ken for twenty years and he has been a big help with his knowledge of the art of engraving which he shared with me and many others,the list of engravers Ken has helped is endless.I'm glad I was able to talk to Ken before his passing,RIP Ken J.J.
  8. JJ Roberts

    Patch Box Bullino Deer

    Just finished this patch box for a customer. The deer is done with a hand push graver in the Bullino style.
  9. JJ Roberts

    Info on Joseph Condon

    I sure Condon's nephew would like to see a picture of the gun,he comes to the gun show and stops by my table to talk. J.J.
  10. JJ Roberts

    Help, please: Graver geometry to cut in depth

    Borzza,If you had a John B mini drill graver 90 degree with a high relief angle steep heel you could engrave the parts that are below the main level. J.J.
  11. JJ Roberts

    practice plate

    Roger I believe the Ithaca Lewis Model was engraved by Joseph Loy,the engraved dogs are a dead give away.Loy also engraved for Remington. J.J.
  12. JJ Roberts

    R.I.P. Ken Hurst

    I had the opportunity talk with Ken before he passed away he was in a lot of pain and I thanked him for all his advice,he will be missed by his many friends. J.J.
  13. JJ Roberts

    Harbor Freight Recommendation

    There a tool show in Damascus Maryland on March the 16 the VFW Hall lots of older tools made in the U.S.indoors & outdoors and its free. J.J.If you live in the area try to get to this show.
  14. JJ Roberts

    Trouble with background removing.

    Kim,What square graver are you using?I use a square 90 degree and cross hatch out the background,then stipple also need to work on your scrolls. J.J.
  15. JJ Roberts

    Old Iranian Sasanian plate

    Habib, I had a visit from one of your country men years ago who also did beautiful chase & repousse work,he was interested in the right engraving tools for his finishing work.Keep posting. J.J.
  16. JJ Roberts


    Greg, Your Winchester N-94 was engraved in Japan. Roger may know who the engraver is. J.J.
  17. JJ Roberts

    Browning BL-92 in .44Mag Engravable?

    Mitch,Make a some test cuts with your graver in a place were they can't be seen. J.J.
  18. JJ Roberts

    Question: Gold Background

    Roger,Thanks for sharing those gold inlayed wheellocks. J.J.
  19. JJ Roberts

    Browning O/U side one

    Brian,Keep up the good work and keep posting your beautiful engraving. J.J.
  20. JJ Roberts

    first try Bulino

    Hi Pap, I believe this is what you want to achieve as far as the Bulino technique. This was done with a 90 degree hand push graver. JJ

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