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  1. Dean

    What software

    Roger B, I use Corel 11, in Windows 10 you should be able to tell it to open your old version of Corel in a later version example Win 7 I believe
  2. Dean

    Announcement: NEW LED Diffused Ring Light. No more glare, distracting hotspots and streaks of light

    Leonardo. Please send me the purchase info on your ring light. Dean
  3. Dean

    Your PLEDGE MEMBERSHIP is much appreciated

    All paid up to date Sam, thank you for the site.
  4. Dean

    Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

    Happy New Year's to everyone
  5. Dean

    Otto Carter Engraving

    Very nice work, thanks for posting
  6. Dean

    How old are you?

    62 and just starting to engrave.
  7. Dean

    Practice Plate for review

    Thanks Sam , will do
  8. Dean

    Practice Plate for review

    Thanks papart1
  9. Dean

    Practice Plate for review

    Howdy Monk, I agree with you , they are to plain, Thank you
  10. Dean

    Practice Plate for review

    Hello, as I follow the forums I see where many new engravers post some of their work. Well here is a practice plate I did today, I know there are a lot of mistakes but I figured I would post it and get some pointers.
  11. Dean

    Experience level and engraving classes.

    Joey, when I read your question, ( How do I know if I am beginner, intermediate, or ready for advanced class? ).....I would say if your not sure, start at the beginning with a basic , then as you feel you progress move on up. As someone just starting out myself I have seen work done by...
  12. Dean


    Very Nice
  13. Dean

    Ray Cover Bulino Class

    Well said Brant....( Ray is a great choice, he has the skills to teach and help mold each student to be the best that they can be. )
  14. Dean

    JJ Robert's gun templates

    Thank you JJ
  15. Dean

    Coming soon!

    Great photo Bill, oops I mean Santa
  16. Dean

    Coming soon!

    This is like waiting for Christmas to get here......
  17. Dean

    Blackening engravings

    Beautiful design Mitch
  18. Dean

    Coming soon!

    Looking forward to buying one
  19. Dean

    Paris Museum

    Here you go, some griters

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