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  1. pilkguns

    gold from Eric Gold, you can buy !

    wow, finished 20 years ago... I remember seeing this gun in progress.
  2. pilkguns

    Auction to support the 13th annual Engrave In

    24 hours to go, its about $600 below cost right now.
  3. pilkguns

    The Robert E. Lee Colt

    Stellar work Mike on a favorite subject of mine.
  4. pilkguns

    "You have been awarded a trophy"?

    JJ, maybe it'll cut my bald spot off
  5. pilkguns

    Auction to support the 13th annual Engrave In

    This an auction for a Steve Lindsay Classic system to get you started engraving. I want to thank everyone who attended this years 13th Annual Engrave In for all the entertainment and edification that we all gave each other. I want to THANK Steve Lindsay for being the great supporter of...
  6. pilkguns

    Maglites & Monograms

    it's been a awhile and lot's of new folks on here might enjoy looking at another great possibility to make money in the engraving world.
  7. pilkguns

    What I'm doing when I am not engraving....

    If you ever wondered why I'm not at the engraving bench as much as I used to be, this covers it pretty well.

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