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  1. Doc Mark

    Celtic Dragon Knife

  2. Doc Mark

    GRS Satellite Turntable Package

    Cool idea Mitch, until you blow all those fine, sharp metal chips back into your face. "It's all fun until someone losses an eye." He, He. He.
  3. Doc Mark

    Help, please: Single scroll

    "I'm using eraser a lot for each little leaf" One of your most important tools, particularly while learning the basics. You're starting well, keep up the drawing practice but don't be afraid to start cutting some of these scrolls on metal.
  4. Doc Mark

    Hello everyone

    Welcome Derek! By your photos, it looks like you're going to be successful if you keep up with your current progress. Please post your location in your profile. You never know, there may be another engraver in your town who can give you precious one-on-one help and advise. p.s. Looks like...
  5. Doc Mark

    Just for fun.

    I've not had a chance recently to just sit down with Procreate and have some fun. It's been used for mundane black-white operations. So, I went back through some past vacation photos and decided to do a digital painting of this window porch/ledge that I saw in Bruges, Belgium. It was a blast...
  6. Doc Mark


    Great to have you on the Forum. Don't be afraid to post any early work and never hesitate to ask questions. You will finf the membership here to be most helpful.
  7. Doc Mark

    Announcement: Forum software upgrade

    Sam. I've been exploring the new site and found that my old "Cameo Carving, mini tutorial" is missing all but two of the original photos. Is there any way that I can replace the missing photos or just re-do the entire tutorial? Also, is there a "NEXT" button somewhere, that will allow you to...
  8. Doc Mark

    The Enduring Appeal of Metalpoint

    Thanks for all the info J.J.
  9. Doc Mark

    Cameo Carving, mini-tutorial

    O.K. Guys and Gals, you asked for more information on carving cameos, so here's what I've got. Here are photos of the type of shell I use to make the cameo blank. It is a small helmet shell. These are found in the Bahamas but the best ones come from Madagascar. I have not yet found a...

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