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    Thank you Martin! Really good to hear from you my friend! I hope you’re doing well.
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    Yes I remember when Don got into soaring. He didn’t own a sailplane but had a Cessna and Citabria. He took me for a memorable ride in the Citabria!
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    Sounds like a country song.
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    I wish I could help you, Mitch. With the software upgrade we had several expected glitches. If I could push a button and fix it i would.
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    My third solo. Touch & go. Cessna 172.
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    Help, please: Attn: Sam

    Fixed. Sorry for the trouble. We've had a few bugs with Pledge Membership since the forum software upgrade. Thanks for your support.
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    Western bright cut, video question.

    Diane's video is highly recommended.
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    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    Should be ok now. Sorry for the trouble. There have been Pledge Membership bugs since we upgraded the forum software.
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    A Few Projects - Python and Rings

    Great looking stuff Chris!
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    By far the simplest Vice/Vise Centering method!

    This thread is 8 years old.
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    Ornate Scrollwork & Ornamental Design

    Adobe Illustrator is what I use.
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    Heel sharpening question

    I engraved with a 90° #1 for 25 years. I started with #2 when GRS introduced their EasyGraver fixture, which I wanted the speed and convenience of. I can engrave equally well with either geometry but as Roger pointed out, #2 is well suited for flare cuts.
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    Question: air graver vs. hammer/push graver

    I would say I’m easily twice as fast using pneumatic.
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    Which sharpening template?

    I engraved for 25 years with a 90° graver. I now use a 120° for most things, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with using a common square graver your entire career. And there's nothing wrong with a 105, 116, or 133.92724°. Use what works best for you. I will second what Jerry said above. If...
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    Help, please: Massive Steel Background Removing

    Axes are typically hardened steel which makes them nearly impossible to hand engrave. As SamW said, acid etching might be your only option. Personally, I would never attempt this unless I knew for certain the steel was a mild, engravable steel.
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    Harbor Freight Recommendation

    I might buy a crowbar or something but I wouldn't buy a lathe or anything like that. Abigail bought a steel stand for her workshop and none of the parts fit and it was a royal PITA to assemble. I just don't understand how the manufacturer in China can't get it right on something as basic and...
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    Overseas Payment:

    PayPal is the easiest and safest. Take it from someone who ships to Europe on a weekly basis.
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    H&H .700

    that is breathtaking work!! i don't know what else to say. it's just fantastic.
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    Only admins can delete posts.
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    Getting started 2

    Congratulations on your new gear!

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