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    H&H .700

    Mr. Gordon! Your work is beautiful too. The rings that you engraved were the standard for me to engrave on the rings.
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    H&H .700

    Such a thing is only for kings and princes. Masterpiece!
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    The History of Faberge Eggs

    mdengraver! Ser! Thank you for taking the time to please us and remind you of the great jeweler C. Faberge. I hope that you will show us the works of Nemirov-Kolodkin, Sazikov. and Rene Lalique.
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    Progress Pic Enameled Turtle

    What kind of metal? Is enamel cold or hot? Is it a suspension or what?
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    Progress Pic Enameled Turtle

    Friend! No photo!
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    Engraving Business Tips & Suggestions

    How to set the price? Sometimes it happens that you assign a lot - the client says that it is expensive. And leaves Assign a little --- I lose.
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    Announcement: My engraving design tutorials

    Thanks for the information. You are a wide specialist! You make everything and engraving, and knives, and jewelry, and stones. And everything you have is beautiful!
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    Help, please: What is this site?

    Thank you, Mr. Blaine! And where is the site of English engravers?
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    Help, please: What is this site? Where to find it all?
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    Browning O/U side one

    I join the request of Mr. dbeck. How long did it take to work?
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    Work holding with Cerro Safe type alloys.

    Thanks to everyone !!! Now I got it, 1. Experiments are dangerous. 2. Better than sealing wax, shellac and mounting paste, no options Conclusion-- I will mount the old fashioned way.
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    Best Engraved Shotguns

    Friend! Thanks for the tip! Where to see beautiful pictures for cigarette cases. Desirable modern, modern.
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    Gun Grips design

    Thank! Always watching your videos. Is your hammer a talisman?
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    Garage News: FEGA Show Thoughts

    Sir Gordon Alcorn ! Thanks for the advice! I always enjoy watching your site. And recommend to friends and acquaintances. A knife with a cellular hand is great!
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    first try Bulino

    Bismuth! Thank you very much. I constantly watch Mr. Douge's channel. Smith and his website and video on his website. He is a true master of bulinos.
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    Garage News: FEGA Show Thoughts

    On the table are two plates. What on them?
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    The Big Five South African Banknotes

    Beautiful banknotes. But I want to ask from where they have a color transition (Oryol) seal. Russia prints money this way.
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    first try Bulino

    Mr. Roger, give advice where to look, as they do "Bulino."
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    Help, please: I am looking for any literature, drawings and manuals.

    Thank you, Mr. Mitch. For recommendation and help. I always watch your site and show it to friends .. Your knives and bone carving are amazing ..
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    Help, please: I am looking for any literature, drawings and manuals.

    I have long wanted to master the engraving style banknote engraving. Found a good book. "ORMSBY.S Bank-note engraving" The book is good. But it does not indicate what kind of steel to take on the plate. Whether or not heat treatment of the plates is necessary. What tools to use. The plate under...