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    Dubbing a graver.

    so little is risked when experimenting ( not on an actual job), that the effort may pay off.
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    Need some help with this handpiece

    u never know, they may have a bucket full of them. no harm in askin them.
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    even silver plating can flake when engraved. one can get half way thru a job, then !!!
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    The making of an Aquamarine pendant

    surely beautiful work you do. the video is undoubtedly one of the very best ive ever seen on most any subject. thank you very much for sharing this
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    Dubbing a graver.

    it may very well be dumb, but sorta smart when needed.
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    Antique Engraved Monogram

    looks to be a love token. they're fun to do. this one looks old, but could be a trick of prep before engraving. did you do this one ?
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    260 Brass

    if available at a good price, there's always something one can do with the stuff. brass can be troublesome, esp if it's cast. in sheet form, it should be ok to engrave. i have had little trouble working the stuff in sheet form. then again, i never knew specific alloy info.
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    Tungsten vs carbide graver ?

    the centenial brand was very good for me. one had to grind a flat to allow indexing for sharpening. it can only be shaped with diamond or special "green wheels". ordinary grinding wheels will not work for carbides.
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    Trudy Nicholson Scratchboard Artist

    imagine if she ever tried to do buino. perspective, light & shadow, illusion of depth, and impeccable knowledge of anatomy, it's all there.
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    Stonewall Jackson Rifle

    better thn icecream in august ! i know yer busy but i feel a lot of us would love to see a closeup of the portrait.
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    Browning Superposed O/U

    surealism in metal !just unbelievable to look at.
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    My first post.

    i've never tried bulino, as such. if i were to give it a try, i'd surely never use air power.
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    My first post.

    that would be much better, i think, if a bit of contrasting detail was added to the rear of the critter. that would be easy to just add a bit.
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    i failed to mention that some of the old engraving books are free on the net. the entire book can be enjoyed on your computer, one page at a time. one can even print some of the pages. i don't think there's a copyrite problem. you can get them using google.
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    Garage news: Powley prayer box and scorpions

    uh, well, prettty much what they all said. the texture and flow in the portrait is unbelievable ! i see no jump ring or other fixturing, is this to be inlaid in some item ?
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    My first post.

    welcome to the forum. for a"first shot", this looks very good. you sought no critique, so none given. your work will surely improve with practice. most that try bulino aren't nearly this good imho.
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    Hand watch engraving

    your work is quite nice to look at. thanks for sharing.
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    Newbie: help please hammer and chisel

    i usually don't use it any more for direct engraving. rather as a quick layout to be hand engraved over. i used it a lot for "quick logos" and such. stuff that would be repeated over and over again. the result was genuine hand work laid out with templates of my own creation. trying to layout...
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    Engraving ss

    unlike will rogers, i never met ss that i liked !
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    John Farman - Artist in Steel YouTube video

    yes, cool to see the pencil and scriber being used. i also liked the way he hammers his gold into the channel. tyvm, aw, for showing this.