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    Airgraver / GRS / Enset for Jewellery?

    Juliet, The Enset has the ability to wind right down to deliver just one hit - this might be useful for you when setting but it can also produce a flow of hits for engraving. I have not used one but if you have the opportunity to try I would take up the offer.
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    Airgraver / GRS / Enset for Jewellery?

    Hi Juliet, Not sure whether it has been mentioned but you are heading for a big investment! Why not give yourself some insurance and perhaps make another investment - maybe find a teacher you could go to for a few days but make sure they have a variety of systems you could try while there...
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    Looking for a beginner class

    Brian Marshall in Stockton is probably the guy you are after
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    $2.6 million Patek Phillippe

    I love the you tube videos by Roger W Smith. Totally hand made watches (not as complicated as these) but the videos do show some fine engraving and guilloche work. Sorry - don't have the links to hand but they are easy to find.
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    Yard Crew

    Southern Lights, There is a field on the western side of the Grampians - near Zumsteins I think - where the roos are still wild but tame enough to approach and have your photos taken with them.
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    More on scroll design by Ron Smith

    Joe - I must have bought my copy at about the same time and mine has the same problem but I guess as long as the pages are numbered I have been able to follow it.
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    Love the owl Jerell. What metal is it on - looks like gold? Roger

    Love the owl Jerell. What metal is it on - looks like gold? Roger
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    Mayfly on rod tube cap

    That transfer technique worked out well for you
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    What software

    Inkscape is free. Others have previously commented favourably on it but I just couldn't do basic things so opted to go back to Draw.
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    What software

    I generally use Corel Draw for vector images. When I lost my original copy of the software and, being cheap, I downloaded Inkscape but simply couldn't work it so I went and bought the latest copy of Draw - truth being told the first copy I had may not have been compatible with Win 10, at least...
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    awesomme watchmaking/engraving

    I like watching (no pun intended) the videos by Roger Smith which also include some guillochet.
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    Australia/NZ engravers...laser printers that work with acetone transfer?

    You're up early Sam - you must be travelling from the other side of Sydney to the classes!
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    Engraving methods

    I'd like to think that after practicing for 20 hours a week I would be getting some place other than "nowhere" quickly ;) Think I know what you mean though. Roger
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    Engraving methods

    It would also depend on what you want to engrave - I couldn't see myself toiling away with the "push" method on steel for too long - would have to resort to one of the other methods
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    Australia/NZ engravers...laser printers that work with acetone transfer?

    G'day Sam and welcome, It is not my usual method of transferring (I usually use the baking paper method) however I print with a Fuji Xerox 205fw and was able to get a fairly decent transfer on the first attempt. I used to use a basic mono HP laser a few years ago (can't remember the number)...
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    Announcement: Book: Good news, bad news

    Sam, hope you enjoy your trip
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    itm, If the gravers are sharpened properly they should work well but the big word here is "if". Sharpening is a skill in itself and each engraver will have personal angles he or she likes. As for tips have you checked out the Tips forum - look for Manual Engraving - there are 3 posts there but...
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    Alfano engraving classes in Australia in August

    OK - that being said I'll take it into consideration
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    Alfano engraving classes in Australia in August

    Sam, I just think is a bit slack when a site which advertises quality tuition has spelling and grammatical errors on almost every page - sort of lets the side down. Roger
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    Alfano engraving classes in Australia in August

    Not to be picky Sam but I'm glad you pay more attention to detail than the webmaster at the JIA does. Hope you enjoy your visit - in August you should have missed the weather extremes. Roger