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  1. Doc Mark

    600 dpi vs 1200 dpi

    The "hiccup" you may be seeing Sam could possibly be caused be the printer sheet feed speed being slightly erratic, rather than the dpi spacing. It's purely a mechanical roller and the paper may slip a fraction of a mm at times.
  2. Doc Mark

    Question: Magnification

    Hey, hey, hey Sam! Now your encroaching in my territory! Actually guys, I used Orascopic surgical telescopes for decades and loved them. However, they are not powerful enough for most engraving purposes. They do have a reasonable depth of field and can help with a lot of hobby purposes...
  3. Doc Mark

    FEGA 2020 are you going?

    This will be the first time I will not attend since I started engraving over a decade ago. Unfortunately, I have other commitments that same week that cannot be changed. I'm going to miss all you guys and gals. I hope the show is a great success. Have fun and imbibe an adult beverage for me.
  4. Doc Mark

    Honest Question

    This photo makes me want to weep! I am a museum freak and visit as many as I can. "Social Media" to me is the death knell of civilization, as we know it.
  5. Doc Mark

    Engrave-In 2009

    That was a great time! What I can't understand is why my hair looks so much darker then?! We all sure miss Ken.
  6. Doc Mark

    Grandmasters 2019

    Congrats Sam! Someday I hope to go to one of the Grandmasters courses. By the way, loved the photo of Abby "kissing" your poster!
  7. Doc Mark

    Announcement: Steven P. Fjestad

    I met Steve several times at the FEGA conventions and found him a truly warm and friendly guy. His knowledge of guns and gun lore was unmatched. He certainly will be missed by the FEGA community.
  8. Doc Mark

    New fantasy image

    I haven't posted any Procreate images lately, so here is my latest. It's sort of a riff on a Mucha painting and a statue I saw on a cruise ship. Again, I don't try to over-think these paintings, they just sort of happen. Thanks for viewing.
  9. Doc Mark

    Wasn't sure where to introduce myself (new member)...lots of progress pics

    Lovely work! How durable is the anodizing? Will it wear badly in someones pocket?
  10. Doc Mark

    My scrolls on display at the Cody Museum

    Super cool use of your excellent scrollwork Sam! Very creative lighting treatment.
  11. Doc Mark

    Garage news: Powley prayer box and scorpions

    You never disappoint Lee! Super!
  12. Doc Mark

    Announcement: Celtic Line Drawing eBook

    Tom, Sorry to hear that this won't work on my Kindle app on the iPad. But with the cost so reasonable, I can get another copy though iTunes. Thanks, Mark
  13. Doc Mark

    Announcement: Celtic Line Drawing eBook

    Hey Tom, I just purchase your cool book but I'm having a few problems. I've loaded it on my Kindle and it works fine but of course there is no color. So I tried to load it on my iPad Pro with the Kindle app and all I can see is the cover! When I go to other pages there is a temporary header...
  14. Doc Mark

    New Procreate 4.3 update

    In case you hadn't noticed, Procreate has updated their app yet again. They have added a very nicely designed TEXT feature and a few other smaller extras which are handy. This includes a simple "animation" ability to make GIFs. For those people with web sites, this may be a way to add a bit...
  15. Doc Mark

    Patch Box Bullino Deer

    Lookin' good J.J. !!! Fits well with a blackpowder firearm.
  16. Doc Mark

    Hand Engraved Audemars Piguet

    Geogeous work David! The design is quite unique and lovely. That looks like very deep backkground removal, especially in titanium! You have much more patience than I.
  17. Doc Mark

    R.I.P. Ken Hurst

    It is with deep regret that I read of Ken's passing today. He was a fine engraver but a better friend. All of us who attended his get-togethers had a blast and learned a great deal. We talked "shop" for hours, had wonderful meals and listened to some fine music. He often spoke of how...
  18. Doc Mark

    Help, please: Looking for help from Doc Mark on rotary tools and GraverMax, or anyone else with experience

    Hi Dupont24, SmileMaker gave you some good advice. I have several high quality dental handpieces but tend to use the 850 because of the "straight" bur angle. The dental handpieces are usually what we called "contra angled". The straight angled 850 is easier to view under a scope and I find...
  19. Doc Mark

    Browning O/U side one

    Brian, this is truly stellar work! I keep thinking that each one is the best that can be done, then you surpass it the next project you tackle. Keep 'em coming!
  20. Doc Mark

    Question: films about engravers?

    Well, I doubt if there are any feature films about engravers. We don't seem to have that dramatic a life-style. However, try to watch the episode of "A Craftsman's Legacy" that featured David Riccardo. It is only 30 mins long, but well worth it. The series is usually found on your local PBS...

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