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  1. Mike576

    Scrimshaw: Second attempt at scrimshaw

    Is the ivory substitute called col849/tm?
  2. Mike576

    Scrimshaw: Second attempt at scrimshaw

    Wow. looks great!
  3. Mike576


    I have not noticed a difference, a few times I even used heady duty card stock type paper since I was out of regular printer paper.
  4. Mike576


    I asked the same question about a year ago and got a pretty solid no from everyone. Apparently it’s brutal on gravers
  5. Mike576


    On the canvas setting set the canvas to the size of the object. So say your engraving a pendant that a 1 inch diameter m. Set the canvas size to 1x1 inch then something high like 1200 dpi. This will alloy you to draw your design then when you print select print to original size in your printer...
  6. Mike576

    Color bulino like color scrimshaw

    I was thinking along the same lines so I ordered speedball block printers ink (same kind I use when inking regular engraving and all my bulino work). I’ll be testing it out this weekend. Thanks for the info!
  7. Mike576

    Critique Request Another watch dial

    Great way to think about it, I’ll have to work on my drawing and creative abilities in that regard. I’m good as laser focusing in on details but have a hard time on the big picture. Thanks again for the great tips!
  8. Mike576

    Critique Request Another watch dial

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for taking the time do describe what I can do to get that extra touch. I will definitely take that into account. I was going off this photo and focused solely on matching the photo. I had not considered altering the image to make it more contrasting...
  9. Mike576

    Critique Request Another watch dial

    Thank you! I would work for about an hours or so a day and occasionally get 2-3 hours in. Between spending time with the kids and working it wasnt too hard to be patient with the process. Any time I would think about rushing I would stop. Best to take it slow so I didn’t make a mistake!
  10. Mike576

    More practice.

    If I knew more about fine English scroll I would give better critique. But all I got for now is nice work! Looks good to my eye!
  11. Mike576

    Color bulino like color scrimshaw

    Does anyone have information as to how Tim Herman does color bulino engraving? I came across this a few hours ago and after about an hour of searching I found almost nothing. One post on engraving forum showing an engraving he did and one on this site where someone commented he shared the...
  12. Mike576

    Critique Request Another watch dial

    Finished up this watch dial today. Made from a piece of .020 thick 6al4v titanium. Done start to finish with my Lindsay reversing angle burin and Phil Coggan bulino point which I modify to have an extremely steep face to help the carbide tip from breaking. I mixed it up a bit this time and used...
  13. Mike576

    Lil help please

    Along with the tip other gave of using carbalt also use a steeper face angle. This along with dubbing the tip slightly makes it much stronger. Also use a cutting oil, just soak a regular sponge in oil and put it in an Altoids tin. Every once in a while dip the tip of your graver into the oil
  14. Mike576

    Question: What is the purpose of polishing a graver?

    For most engraving I do I darken with ink afterwards so I only sharpen to 600 grit. But occasionally for a bright cut or if I plan to leave it shiny I mirror polish the graver on Lindsay mirror grade sheets. Makes it really sparkle. It’s case dependent though as stated in other comments.
  15. Mike576


    I would say you have moved from progressing to “there”. Nice work!
  16. Mike576

    A good enough microscope

    I used a amscope for about a year till I saved up for a Zeiss. It improved my engraving significantly but would give me head aches and wasn’t great optically. I wouldn’t bother with anything better than a Leica a60. Even that is a bit overkill for some people (it’s a fantastic scope but...
  17. Mike576

    Question: Lets talk about hearing protection / noise cancelling headphones - What do you use?

    I will also note I use 3m work tunes when I’m doing any sort of yard work, wood working, loud tool stuff. They would also be a great fit for what you’re looking for. Only con is they squeeze the heck out of your head and get uncomfortable at least for me after about 2 hours
  18. Mike576

    Question: Lets talk about hearing protection / noise cancelling headphones - What do you use?

    I don’t have noise canceling headphones but use my beyerdynamic dt770 pros. They are an over ear headphone with super good sound quality and good sealing around the ears with large soft pads. They block out all noise while listening to music and engraving. Not sure about podcasts I will test...
  19. Mike576

    Question: How to prevent copper plate from oxidizing?

    I second the use of renaissance wax, I use it when I start a project and don’t have time to finish. I use the acetone transfer method with a laser printer and the wax doesn’t remove the transfer as long as I don’t rub it in too much. Keeps it from rusting completely on mild and carbon steel not...

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