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    Lil help please

    What kind of oil do you suggest. Reason for asking is I have Molly d and tap magic. I use both when drilling and tapping . Titanium is hard but when I drill it’s like sticky or gummy for lack of better word. What you say makes perfect sense. Also you your the second person about dubbing tip...
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    Lil help please

    Thank you . I know titanium work hardens. I have many broken taps to prove so. I actually looked into annealing but it’s a ridiculously complex process. I got a carbalt graver with my classic. I’ll try that. Carbide is definitely hard enough. , but from working with different tooling it can be...
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    Lil help please

    What kind of graver to engrave grade 5 titanium. I’m new to this ( like an hour or so an evening for the past month. Eventually I’d like to be able to engrave titanium. Carbide, hss, or other. As a knife maker I have plenty of scraps. And like to give it a try sooner than later . Thanks in advance

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