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  1. J

    1873 Winchester

    Beautiful work Mike!…
  2. J

    Mike Dubbers Engraving Transfer Patterns

    That is sad news to hear.
  3. J

    Fix it

    Your welcome!
  4. J

    Fix it

    Sam, you should be able to go to your password and security settings and disable the two step verification….
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    Smith & Wesson 36 Chief - Engraving My Second Pistol

    Very attractive looking… nice wok, I like it!
  6. J

    i wonder what happened to

    I think Mike Dubber has retired?… in doing so he has probably let the site go and is no longer selling transfers.
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    Help, please: Signing up for FEGA Membership

    Got to straight to the FEGA website Click on start purchase for Membership 1 - Regular, then you’ll have to register as new user if haven’t done so already? You should be able to go through with the purchase, if not there may still be an approval/...
  8. J

    Jewelry box

    Yes, it’s very soft easy to scratch… requires a sharp graver and a light touch but nice to cut once you get used to it.
  9. J

    Jewelry box

    If your asking if I made it? bought it already made… no way I’m making a jewelry box.
  10. J

    Jewelry box

    Thanks Allen…
  11. J

    Happy New Year and thank you

    “Happy new year” Marcus… Thank you for taking the the time and effort to share your knowledge on this beautiful and timeless style of scrollwork.
  12. J

    Jewelry box

    Queen Anne Jewel Box 3"Diameter X 1 1/4" Tall
  13. J

    Jewelry box

    This was another Christmas gift for my mom, she likes them ( or at least she says so? ) it is pewter. I was a bit rushed (waited almost too long to get it done in time) , so I turned to Sam’s book for ideas and borrowed some designs modified a little… but all in all turned out okay.
  14. J

    English fine scroll instructional set

    You’ll not find a better instructional DVD/ book on English Scroll, Marcus did a phenomenal job from beginning to end explaining and showing how to properly draw and cut English Scroll.
  15. J

    English sunburst design

    I really enjoy watching Ken’s videos and hearing him talk about his past and the history.
  16. J

    English sunburst design

    Here is a video of Ken Hunt drawing an old Sunburst design….
  17. J

    The Buffalo Bill Colt

    Your lettering and plates are always so well done. I’m sure it’s a learned skill from many years of doing… vintage lettering is an art in itself.
  18. J

    61 Winchester with raised gold inlay.

    Same here, it’s not too difficult though to move the firing pin but not a project I want to do at this point.
  19. J

    61 Winchester with raised gold inlay.

    It’s an obsolete cartridge… you can still get them but hard to find.
  20. J

    2023 Engrave-in

    Maybe there’s a donation box?… of course if want to bring a side you can’t go wrong with sweet tea or pecan pie.