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    What gravers should I buy as a beginner learning hand push?

    I guess a square graver. The absolute basic. I've had an engraver working professionally for a high end UK gun firm tell me that's all you really need. Others will say a flat. But if you think about it they're the same.
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    How nessasary is pneumatic engraver for a beginner?

    I'll add my input as a hobby "beginner " largely self educated via various online or DVD resources. I've used push, hammer and chisel and pneumatic . I found the Lindsay sharpening templates very helpful for consistency but am branching out from them now. Using them will eliminate a major...
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    Cheap practice plates

    Exactly. Welding coupons are probably the best bang for the buck. You do have to prep them more but that's a skill worth honing
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    Heads up anyone looking for a job as a Firearm engraver

    Interesting. I would have thought anyone doing that level and style would be freelancing. Maybe I have the wrong perspective
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    Critique Request Lighter for Ukraine

    Thanks. It can be refined though
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    Critique Request Lighter for Ukraine

    This is a Zippo Armor lighter I engraved for a fundraiser for optical equipment for Ukrainian units. I'd be interested in any feedback folks have on it, either her layout or cutting details. For my first formal piece to the public I think it's not too bad although I'd make some changes in...
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    Vacuum Annealer?

    Interesting. I wonder if that can be combined with chemical anti scale in a belt and suspenders approach
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    Vacuum Annealer?

    Thanks. I'm starting to think vacuum may be a bridge too far.
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    Vacuum Annealer?

    Good to know. I may go that route as vacuum may be overkill. I have a vacuum annealing quote of about $500 but requesting steel composition which isn't available so a reasonable assessment would be needed
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    Vacuum Annealer?

    Yes I've got a detailed inquiry in to them. I don't think vacuum annealed probably reducing or scale prevention coating . Perhaps that is all that is needed
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    Vacuum Annealer?

    SamW Yes I'm wanting to avoid scale because it's an existing gun so I don't want any alteration of dimensions, particularly fitting surfaces . Removal of scale would almost certainly create reassembly and fit problems. Interesting product. I'll look into it although I'm still hoping for some...
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    Vacuum Annealer?

    I've been making inquiries to see if I can locate a firm in the USA that will vacuum anneal an action so I can engrave it. It occurred to me that someone here may already have been down this path. Does anyone know of a vacuum annealing business that will handle such small quantity work?
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    Practice engraving on a stainless steel cigar clipper

    Looks pretty good for a first run. Better than I could do but that's not saying much
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    Critique Request Fine English Scroll Practice

    I've continued working on trying to improve my fine English scroll based on Marcus Hunt's example casting. I'd appreciate any criticism or suggestions for improvement on my latest go.
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    Has anyone heard of this firearm engraver

    Is that a "signature" or a remnant of a stamping?
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    Question: From every angle

    In my opinion your calibrated eyes are the best judge. A firm reliance on numbers will probably produce a more mechanical looking result.
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    Malcolm Appleby Scottish Engraver

    That's one of the "Kalahari "guns, showing flora and fauna of the area on a Dickson round action
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    Malcolm Appleby Scottish Engraver

    There are actually 2 as a pair for the same client
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    UK newbie

    I was just in the UK at an engraving symposium where folks were discussing just this over examples of the equipment. It depends on what you're using it for and personal taste. Even between models from the same maker. For example I prefer Lindsay's Classic foot control over the Palm control...

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