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    Is some form of blasting, either bead (glass) or perhaps another medium the preferred method to strip gun finish's please? The reason I ask is because I stripped a 38 special wheel gun and there has got to be a better way? paps
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    He is rather reclusive... but showed up at my request.
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    One flat.......4 more to go.I felt lucky to have done this with no prior practicing on anything. I am still not done with the first on, a few cuts in the center and shading yet. Thanks for this site and chance. Paps
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    Great family day to all who can enjoy it. Our troops, our protectors, and our other first responders.
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    eight cylinder

    This was Pitted, small but deep. Looks pretty decent now. It is ready for layout. Thanks
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    face + heel = 75 or 80

    This formula was posted by a member of this forum but I can't remember when or by who, I would please like this clearifyed to the best of this combination and where it is best used. paps
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    re gleaker

    Maybe this will help, don't Express my dialogue very good no. A days
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    barrel pins

    The barrels that are in alloy or for that matter steel framed revolvers that have a pin in the frame securing the a none removable barrel. I know thousands of my brothers and sisters that engrave did not know this. ( I'm wishing now) it was a learning experience for me...
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    nickel chips real bad when one attempts to engrave on it yes?
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    Partly done..........what does everyone think please
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    Bulino craine and cattail

    Getting smaller and hopefully more gooder
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    first try

    This worth keeping?
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    well I must be advancing, I'm asking questions here. When cutting dots and dashes in orientation to the image, are the dots and dashes cut in the direction of flow and form of the subject please? And does depth of dots make a difference in final view perception? thanks paps
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    Anyone have affinity photo please

    Can you outline only a pic or image on affinity photo? I have played with it and can't identify terms used to corilate final results. Some I use and still use with no problem, but not being familiar with photo terminology the rest avaids me, any help would be much appreciated and applied. pap
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    Has anyone in the forum had experience/used "Golden Rule Calipers" please? pap
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    first try Bulino

    This needs a lot of work but. It's a start
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    Try this one
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    practice drawing

    I hope everyone finds this scroll a bit more pleasing than the last few months. pap
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    Scroll work

    Hi my fine people, thought I would post this and see what you all thought. Please let me know. Thanks for viewing. Pap
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Please remember all our fallen brothers and sisters and current serving members of the police fire and emt services as a lot of them have to work regardless of holidays. And also our group.........the fallen.........Rob

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