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    Sketch for a bracelet

    Louis There are a lot of great engravers here to follow and I look and sketch the work of a lot of them. But for me Sam is in a category all his own. The first week I got a computer I went on line looking for engravers. Sam had a page where he was engraving humidors with a hammer and chisel. ...
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    Sketch for a bracelet

    That's a nice beginning sketch. It starts off well at the circle cartouch where the initials will go. But it seems to get overly complicated the farther west it goes. Silver can be annoying to cut the background away and what you have sketched is a lot of work for a silver bracelet. When I...
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    Concerning the business of engraving.

    There is a lot of great advice here. Tim is right, don't rush into putting out work until it is ready. But there is another bit of advice I have to give. It comes from the first master engraver who agreed to teach me. He told me that the moment you have decided to one day make money from...
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    Vineyard belt buckle

    When I started engraving in the jewelry business one of my teachers told me flat out that your first customers will be bad pays and deliver zero on promises made. And that's the way it worked out for the first few months. But the point he also made was that you get real work to engrave. Not...
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    Question: background removal vs placing cut peices of metal?

    John knows what he is talking about. But here's a reply from someone with no experience in inlay. Its probably just easier to do this specific piece that way. If its put on a setter's shelac or hot glue you can really shape the legs round without worrying about rubbing on the other...
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    lettering questions.

    Try or both sites have different styles of fonts with free download and play with. They should install in a word program with a little bit of finagling. I use a Mac and it took a bit to figure out how to install the fonts I downloaded; but once installed they...
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    Diane Scalese

    Go to Under the shop tab look for study material, there a section for videos. When you go to the video section go to page 2. Its on the bottom of page two listed as Western Bright Cut Engraving. Not sure if I remember this right but there may be a few videos on the FEGA site as well.
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    Flat Disk Grinder - Glass to Carbalt?

    " Folks here are from many different parts of the world, using maybe different words/vocabulary for the very same thing ... ... If I ve been mistaken, sorry for the confusion! " There has been confusion trying to get the exact meaning of words since words were created. The hardest part about...
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    Critique Request First piece of silver jewelry

    Its a good first piece but Monk is right. In fact the shading starts to dissipate ( first time I've used that word in 50 years. ) from left to right. The left hand scroll has decent shading, the right hand scroll not so much. Doing this without a scope is a definite challenge. Takes a lot of...
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    Two websites to look into

    I'd like to recommend two websites for new engravers to look into for basic information. The first is This is a separate part of Steve Lindsay's forum website but with its own address. The engraving glossary was compiled by Roger Bleile, who is active on this forum. Its...
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    That's just a wonderful piece of work and it was great to see the process it went through to completion. Love the gold inlay in the pick and the border especially. This is one of those times when the empty space is very powerful and puts the focus on the guitar pick and the gratitude behind...
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    Its a good time to think about becoming a pledge member or renewing your pledge membership. It takes time to manage the engravers cafe when this type of crap happens, which means it takes time away from the normal ways to earn money; and that's in addition to the normal running fees. It doesn't...
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    Critique Request Silver Cross

    Also notice the elevation of the cut. For me chatter comes when I don't hold the tool level enough. So the chatter comes when it goes a shade too deep, forms a tiny wall and then bounces over the cut to go too deep again. For me that's the cause of chatter. I notice this when I'm cutting...
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    GRS Acrobat Microscope Stand ---or--- Ebay Chinese knockoff????????

    "Sometimes its the prudent man who spends the most." Ray Magliozzi - car talk radio show, or maybe it was Tom. Allan
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    Any script engravers on this forum?

    Threaded script on a babycup
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    Any script engravers on this forum?

    pmace here's a great you tube video about copper engraving for print making. watch allan
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    Any script engravers on this forum?

    "Fascinating to learn about the watercolor. That does make sense, but I would have expected something else, like a transfer of some kind." The watercolor is used when hand drawing letters on the piece. But most engravers probably do use a transfer technique. For me I use an inkjet printer and...
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    Any script engravers on this forum?

    Well okay, here goes. This is going to be a bit long. 1. The pen script font is made of various parts that have a uniform structure. So the ascender swashes of the l's and b's should look close to identical, the lower case stems are of niform width and are they are slanted at the same angle and...
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    Question: durability of engraved jewelry

    Not pointless to do that and we should work to the highest levels of our abilities. And there are times you have to just do the engraving you have in mind just to see how it turns out. Your experience may be totally different from mine. But Mitch is right. I do jewelry engraving and we very...

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