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    Returning from semi-retirement

    Good to see you back Brian.
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    A. Bee Interview

    I met him at the FEGA convention this past winter. Very pleasant to talk with. He had a fair number of his guns there, very nice eye candy.
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    Peace Pipe

    Looks really nice.
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    Engraved Rolex Sea Dweller

    David, as usual excellent!!! Always a pleasure to see your work, it is truly inspiring.
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    A Few Projects - Python and Rings

    Thanks for sharing Chris. Your work is always easy on the eyes, jus t too long between postings. Brant
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    diy silent compressor

    Thanks for the quick reply, I am looking for something more portable than my Cal. Air compressor. This may be a good solution.
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    diy silent compressor

    Nice setup! Just curious, what is max output psi?
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    More on laserjet transparency transfers

    Great tip Mitch, you are as crafty as those Jacks.
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    Patch Box Bullino Deer

    Very nice JJ, I am sure the customer will be very happy. I really like the Oak leaves, they really frame the deer nicely.
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    Hand Engraved Audemars Piguet

    David, As usual, a very stunning piece. You really can make beautiful mini-images. Always a pleasure. Brant
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    Engraving Business Tips & Suggestions

    Good work isn't cheap, Cheap work isn't good.
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    Announcement: My engraving design tutorials

    Jan, A beautifully simple explanation of a complex subject. Thank you.
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    2019 Safari Auction Rifle Sets New Record

    Congrats. Mike and John, a well-deserved honor.
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    Hot Tip

    David- Thanks for the reply, 2 tips in 1 application, doe not get any better!!
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    Hot Tip

    I work in my garage, so preheat is a must during the cold season. For me the best tip is the tape under the jaws to catch the chips, instead of letting them fall on the threads (greased) below. Lots of "how to" tidbits can be learned from careful observation. Thanks David, Brant
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    Mauzer's pistol grip cap

    Robert, Very beautiful piece. How many hours?
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    Off topic pictures

    Stefan, I use thermolock in a piece of Delrin (POM). I'll post a picture for you next time I cut some cutlery.
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    Off topic pictures

    Thanks Doc. Some of my best pictures are from P.I., we were just in Dumagette last February, some really nice Marco stuff.
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    Off topic pictures

    I know this is way off topic, but this is where I get my inspiration. I have been scuba diving for over 40 years now, and every time I go it is still thrilling, always something new to see. I thought some of you might enjoy some of my pictures from my most recent trip to Grand Cayman. Use...
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    Tips for avoiding chatter

    Try using a slower speed (lower RPM) or increase the feed (amount of pressure on burr). It's the same principle as is used in a machine shop setting, just a different set of tools. Brant

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