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  1. sam

    My scrolls on display at the Cody Museum

    I’m honored that my scroll designs are being used in a display at the Cody Firearms Museum - Buffalo Bill Center of the West.
  2. sam


    My third solo. Touch & go. Cessna 172.
  3. sam

    Announcement: Alvin Chewiwi - FEGA Master Engraver

    Those who know him will all agree that he's as fine a fellow as you'll ever meet, not to mention his crazy excellent engraving and art skills! He's our newest FEGA Master and I would like to congratulate him! Way to go Alvin! The title is richly deserved!
  4. sam

    Your PLEDGE MEMBERSHIP is much appreciated

    Happy 2019 to the Cafe members! Your Pledge Membership is very much appreciated. I just paid our dedicated server hosting bill of $927 for another year. This doesn't include recent software upgrades and more. Your Pledge Membership donations help offset that cost and keep the world's greatest...
  5. sam

    Announcement: Lynton McKenzie instructional videos now available

    I'm happy to report that the Lynton McKenzie videos are available once again. Go to
  6. sam

    Australia/NZ engravers...laser printers that work with acetone transfer?

    Are there any Aussie or NZ engravers who use a laser printer for transferring with acetone? Not interested in inkjet, only laser and which available models will work. There are plenty available in the US but am wondering what's available in Oz. Simply want to print on plain paper and transfer...
  7. sam

    Announcement: Book: Good news, bad news

    I have good news and bad news! The good news is the first printing has been shipped and will arrive on Friday! The bad news is I'm leaving the day before (Thurs) for Australia and will be gone until Sept 1 so I can't ship until I return. If you wish to preorder you can, but please understand...
  8. sam

    Coming soon!

    I'm happy to announce that my new book of ornamental designs is about to be released. Contains over 300 designs that purchasers can use for their personal or professional work. Many hundreds of hours of labor over an 11 year span creating these images. Details coming soon so stay tuned.
  9. sam

    Scroll drawing and engraving class

    A few photos of my demos from my class last week at GRS.
  10. sam

    A bit of scroll design in the airport

    Some scroll fun while waiting for flights on my way to Emporia.
  11. sam

    Announcement: Slight change to forum's private message system

    A member recently received an email notification of a forum private message. The email notification contained the contents of the private message, and the member hit REPLY from the email instead of going to the forum to reply. This caused the reply to be sent to the forum's email address (mine)...
  12. sam

    2” Starrett dividers on ebay

    Go get em! Not a bad price. Starrett dividers
  13. sam

    Ornamental eye candy

    Ain't this a beauty? Ain't this a beauty?
  14. sam

    Alfano engraving classes in Australia in August

    I'll be teaching a couple of signet ring classes in August for the Jewelry Institute of Australia. Contact Gabriel Owen at the link above for more information and to sign up for my classes. I'm really looking forward to visiting Australia for the first time and sharing what I know on the art of...
  15. sam

    Photo upload test

    Photo upload test. 6mb photo automatically resized. No manual resizing.
  16. sam

    Uploading images to Engraver's Cafe

    When you start a new post, click the picture icon on the toolbar to upload a photo from your computer. You can drag the photo to the upload box or click inside the box and to upload the photo from your computer. You also have the option to add a photo that's hosted on a photo hosting site like...
  17. sam

    Tagging members

    Tagging friends on social media is a useful feature, and we can now do that here in the Cafe. You might tag someone who you think will be interested in a certain thread or post. If you're not familiar with how to tag, you simply type the @ symbol before the member's name, like @Abigail or...
  18. sam

    Announcement: Forum software upgrade

    We've upgraded the software and will be squashing bugs over the next few days. Thank you for your patience!
  19. sam

    Announcement: THANKS and LIKE buttons for forum posts

    They're down at the bottom of each post...give them a try. It's a nice feature on Facebook and now we have it here :) You should also be able to un-do a thanks or un-like if you click it accidentally. Give them a try and let me know if there are any problems. Cheers / ~Sam
  20. sam

    Announcement: Pledge Membership

    Become a Pledge Member and show your support for the Cafe. Donations help to cover operating costs and upgrades and help keep this a free resource for hand engravers worldwide. Of course this is voluntary. :) Pledge Membership also allows you to list items in our Buy & Sell forum. All members...

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