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    Garage news: mini hagn underway

    I’ve got a good start on this one. Just a tad bit more than a weekend project.
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    Garage news: Powley prayer box and scorpions

    Recent work
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    Garage News: Grouse and more grouse

    Finishing up a highly modified Fox Sterlingworth.
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    Garage News: FEGA Show Thoughts

    I have returned safe and the house is still standing, cats are alive, and daughter and granddaughter are safely on the ground in Virginia. My favorite part of the show is reconnecting with long time friends and making a few new ones. My heartfelt gratitude to all who stopped by and visited and...
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    2019 Grandmasters

    I hope I am not out of line or premature with this post. I just saw an announcement for the 2019 Grandmasters. Congratulations Mike Dubber and Sam Alfano and GRS for these excellent and deserving instructors. Mike and Sam have contributed greatly to the world of engraving. They are very...
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    Garage News: Borchardt underway

    Much left to do including reworking some of what you see in the photos but......I'm off to a good start. This is the most difficult gun I've ever been asked to design. A lot of small canvases that need to feel connected and avoid the checkerboard syndrome.
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    Garage News: birds and more birds

    Finishing up my flock of birds.

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