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    Question: How can I keep my new work space more quiet.

    I am changing a room to engrave in, but as I have neigbours I have to try to reduce the noise of my hammer and chisel engraving to it's lowest possible because as nice as my neigbours are I doubt they would like hearing banging for hours every day. I have planned to get a very heavy workbench...
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    Question: Any schools/courses for improving my hammer and chisel engraving?

    I am very serious about improving my engraving, but I know I probably need to take some serious courses/school to get to the next level as I have learned a lot online, but I really want to learn from some masters in this field. I am willing to spend a good chunk of money, but I am not made of...
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    Question: background removal vs placing cut peices of metal?

    Can anyone tell me the reason that some people cut engraved pieces out and place in the engraving instead of carving/background removal ? I see some people do a lot of background removal, but I see some cut metal pieces out and place them on top of the engraving and would like to know from you...
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    Question: removing background from silver vs steel?

    I am going to start engraving morgan dollar coins and silver bullion, but before I get to that I have only engraved with steel practice plates and want to know if you do anything different with background removal of the two as I know silver is a lot softer than steel, but I am only asking in...
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    Question: dots for transfering images?

    I am wondering if any of you know why someone would use dots for transfer of an image instead of the normal laser printer or printer transfer method? The only reason I ask is I stumbled upon a master engraver on instagram that uses dots/bulino style to transfer the image of his design and he is...
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    Question: How to shape objects when engraving?

    I know that with engraving you can shade and remove background to create a 3d visual, but I also see a lot of engraved items with objects within the picture has curves and has been shaped. Does anyone know if you need a specific tool or is it just taking the background graver and just working it...