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    GRS 2020?

    Does anyone know when the GRS 2020 class registration us likely to be active? I'm hoping in the next couple of months so I can get vacation requests in. Jeremy
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    Mantis Elite 'scope Experience?

    Hello, I came across an interesting microscope n one of Malcolm Appleby's Instagram posts. It appears to be a Mantis Elite which seems to use a digital display rather than traditional eyepieces. Has anyone had any experience with this piece of equipment? Jeremy
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    Appleby's Phoenix Gun

    I recently posted an Instagram link to images of Malcolm Appleby's Kalahari gun. If you like his engraving style then there's an opportunity to take a look at some moderately high resolution images of his Phoenix gun at the Gavin Gardiner website. It's going up for auction at the end of the...
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    Online Photo Resource for Study

    Many are probably familiar with the Holts auctions in England and the opportunity their online catalogue provides. For those that aren't I thought I'd point out that some of their listings have very high resolution digital images with the ability to zoom in on details. For a number of pieces...

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