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    Mystery object.

    If the pins fit the hole centers of an engraving vise it may be a fixture to hold the ejector tube of a SA revolver in different positions for engraving. ??????
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    Engraving a chrome plated axe head

    Another option might be selective plating.
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    Announcement: English scroll for your help...^^

    Looks great. Fine work. Thank you Pierre.
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    The Story of Iron

    Thank you Archie. Very interesting.
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    Gino Cargnel

    Ray, Gino was a friend of mine. As you no doubt know he was trained in Belgium and worked there for many years. Both he and Angelo Bee moved here and set up their individual engraving practices in the San Fernando and Semi Valleys near Los Angeles. Both of them were good metal smiths and...
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    The Secret Meeting of the Bulgarian Engravers

    Evgeni, Looks like some good fun, fine work and good food and drink. Wish I could have joined you for the fried fish. Looks delicious.
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    Photography Tutorial by Andy Shinosky [FANTASTIC!]

    Thank you very much, Andy. Great video and explanation.
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    Garage News: The Eternal Project

    Wonderful artistry, Lee. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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    Strelok, The stainless steel wrap method you mention will work but it will not preserve the original finish. The idea behind the small piece of paper included in the wrap, usually a piece of cigarette paper, is that as it burns it consumes most of the oxygen in the wrap and limits the amount...
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    Great job JJ, thanks for sharing it.
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    Honest Question

    Quote: I have been lucky I guess , and I have been rewarded for my efforts to promote myself and my craft and I see no lack of interest in High Quality engraved firearms at this time nor in the future. Hello Jon, It's not luck, you have received the just deserts you have EARNED by working the...
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    Woodend Audobon Naturalist Society

    Thank you for the bird photos. Mdengraver. Another wonderful source of close-up detail animal photographs is the Safari Club exhibition. With your camera, the game mounts allow you to take detail, unusual angle and pose photographs that would be about impossible to obtain elsewhere.
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    New to the Cafe

    Sorry, I typed the wrong month. Guy Fawkes is celebrated on November 5th and I typed December 5th.
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    Bullino Geometry

    Thank you, Mitch. The description of you bulino tool is a great help. And the photo of your work with the 3-D drop shadows depicts masterful engraving.
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    Deep relief engraving

    Hi Jay, thanks for that. Sounds like a great way to go if you are not relieving the background areas.
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    Honest Question

    Hi Allan and Jay, At this time very few people perceive even the finest engraving to be Fine Art. And that is a sad situation and must leave the "fine art engraver" frustrated and unrewarded. But that's life and the way it is at this time. We need to continue the work of educating the public.
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    Deep relief engraving

    Tom, thank you. I should have said that I cut the outline twice. First time to size. flair the elements and control the design. The second cutting for any touch up, but mainly to deepen the design for BG removal.
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    Honest Question

    Just a thought or three. :) Could it be that some engravers are pricing themselves out of the client base? I personally know of very good engravers with more than a one year backlog. And one with a fully booked three year waiting list! There is work out there if one is flexible and works within...
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    Deep relief engraving

    If I am attempting an exceptionally deep relief background I will usually cut the outline to a normal depth, using a 90, 110 or 120 degree graver. Then I will recut this outline with the the cut falling into the background area. In tight or narrow places I will use an onglette and in some wider...
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    Engrave-In 2009

    Good picture JJ. Bit of engraving history.

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