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  1. Crazy Horse

    Lady Liberty:

    I saw this on Facebook and immediately recognized the fingers of the engraver. ;~) Absolutely stunning!!!
  2. Crazy Horse

    Overseas Payment:

    I did a whistle for a fellow in France. I charged him a small fee. He replied as to how he should pay me. I really didn't know how to answer him as I've never dealt with anyone in Europe before. He suggested I send him my bank account number as that would be the simplest method. I really don't...
  3. Crazy Horse

    Brass Whistle:

    Did this whistle for a fellow in France.
  4. Crazy Horse

    Interesting Purdy Engraver.

    This article about a Purdy gun engraver features Aristide Barre a French born engraver from the late 1800's . There is also mention of Ken Hunt and Harry Kell in the article...

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