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  1. Dave London

    My Nikon SMZ1

    GRS used to sell oculars , you need to measure the dia in mm. Good luck
  2. Dave London

    Treasures from my parents' basement

    I had a friend that did the same thing and I got a groove between my head and ear. I was laying on the ground with hands covering my head. Maybe that explains a lot LOL
  3. Dave London

    Announcement: Intermediate engraving class @ GRS

    Sam Is the print available for purchase, thanks.
  4. Dave London

    oil in air tank

    MTC You need to have a oil coalescing filter to keep the oil getting too your equipment. The compressor you have is not a oil less model. Also I would add another moisture filter in line also. Clean dry air is required for these type of air tools. Good luck, hope this helps Edit. Some oil in the...
  5. Dave London

    Breaking my engraving tip

    Also not to discourage you but , breaking tips and sharpening is a way of life for engravers;)
  6. Dave London

    Polishing after engraving

    Tiffany and Co. ? MTC
  7. Dave London

    Air compressor pressure

    100 to 120 psi is more than enough in the tank, the tool only need around 30 or so psi to run.
  8. Dave London

    How to get thermolock off a part?

    Also for small flat items, golf club handle tape works great. A real thin double back sticking tape MTC YMMV
  9. Dave London

    AMT Backup .380 auto -- first post as well

    Ok photo frame is ceracoated
  10. Dave London

    AMT Backup .380 auto -- first post as well

    I engraved the AMT 22 magnum pistol slide , 4 1/2 inch . No problems cut very easily, did not encounter any pits. Go fo it, keep cutting
  11. Dave London

    Question: Help me to know that happen at curve

    You might also get the Ray Cover scorper sharping template from Lindsay engraving company , it provides a relief cut on the bottom of the graver to help reduce the drag works great MTC.
  12. Dave London

    Embossing Die Steel

    Good luck Paul , post some pictures
  13. Dave London

    Embossing Die Steel

    Chronite sells engraving or etching ready steel last time I checked shipped with a protective coating MTC
  14. Dave London

    Returning from semi-retirement

    Fred I laughed my butt off after your story about the IRS at Scott’s . Take care and keep on fighting, glad to see you back on the forum
  15. Dave London

    Returning from semi-retirement

    Welcome back good to see you are alive and well
  16. Dave London


    The Works Toilet Bowl cleaner, Home Depot $2.00 Degrease and use it instantly removes blueing MTC YMMV
  17. Dave London

    Question: How can I keep my new work space more quiet.

    Some times I use a very small wood carving mallet, wrapped with hockey tape and wood handles made by Ray Viramontez

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