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  1. MikieDu

    New Engraving Class

    I have been teaching hand engraved at the Marc Admas School for the past four years. My classes have been for beginners and using hammers and chisels. In 2019 Marc is going to expand his curriculum to include air-powered engraving. The School is located just south of Indianapolis at Franklin...
  2. MikieDu

    Stonewall Jackson Rifle

    I have shown a few incidental photos of this rifle in other threads including the one about "Hand Push". I just got it all put back together yesterday and these are my first shop photos of the completed rifle. The base rifle is a "Henry Original," a faithful reproduction of the 1860 Henry...
  3. MikieDu

    2019 Safari Auction Rifle Sets New Record

    I posted photos of the 2019 Safari Rifle here in late October 2018 when John Bolliger and I had finished the work. The rifle has been featured in the SCI Magazine and in other advertising leading up to the Saturday (January 12, 2019) evening Auction. Meanwhile, like with all other major...
  4. MikieDu


    John Bolliger (Riflemaker, Pocatello, ID) and I have partnered on many fine rifles over the years. He called recently to ask if I could do a dinosaur portrait? It seems one of our mutual clients for whom we've created several big game rifles, always theme dedicated to the game taken on his...
  5. MikieDu

    The 2019 Safari International Auction Rile

    John Bolliger and I and started the SCI World Heritage Series in 2014 with the African Continent...a 375 H&H Magnum. The fifth and last of five rifles in the World Heritage Rifle Series – representing the Americas – is a .338 Winchester Magnum. The rifle will be auctioned at the 47th SCI...
  6. MikieDu

    SCI 2019 Auction Rifle, "Elk Fight"

    Five years ago John Bolliger and I initiated the Safari International Rifle Series Project with SCI #1, The African Continent. There have been three other great rifles produced and sold at SCI auctions since then. For 2019 John and I are producing the final gun of the Series - "The North...
  7. MikieDu

    The Robert E. Lee Colt

    I've been working on this Robert E.Lee Colt for some time now and it's coming together in its final form. The engraving work is finished and it will go out tomorrow for bluing and assembly by John Powers. These are shop photos of the gun loosely assembled to show some of the detail. The gun is...

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