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  1. Dave London

    Using acid to remove steel burs

    A long time ago if I remember right someone used acid to remove a few burs that stuck up above gold inlay and then burnished over the boo boo. Any one remember tithing and or the acid used. Thanks Dave
  2. Dave London

    Question: Cold blue

    Anyone know why cold blue stains 24 kt gold
  3. Dave London

    Lindsay true center cam lock vise

    Mine arrived today took about 5 minutes to install , got it centered under the scope and started to finish one side of a Winchester M70 action. Fellow engravers this is amazing ,easy as pie to move the work. For me no more pushing and pulling my 42 lb low profile dovetail vise around to keep...
  4. Dave London

    Signet ring die struck

    Any one know of a good source for die struck signet ring 14 kt yellow:thankyou[1]: